Foreign Relations calls for the development of Iraqi banks through the agreement with the United States

BAGHDAD / JD / .. called for a parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee, the United States to support the financial side and the Iraqi banking technology through the development of banks in Iraq and human development.

A member of the Committee and MP for the Rafidain List mainstay John’s / JD / “The strategic agreement between Iraq and America’s support included the economic, cultural and military, including the banking sector, which needs to introduce new developments of the Iraqi banks.”

John explained that “Iraq needs to technological development in the banking sector, in addition to working in the human development banks”, Mtdarka “The staff and management of the banks have the expertise and service, but old in the banking, which was ruled by a centralized manner.” And noted a member of the parliamentary Committee of Foreign Affairs and MP for the list of Mesopotamia that “the country needs the support of the United States and European countries the economic side of Iraq.”

The Iraqi Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi received U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, ended its James Jeffrey and discussed economic issues in addition to the current political situation. The financial press release, received / JD / copy, “said al-Issawi and Jeffrey received a number of accompanying him from the U.S. Treasury at the end of his mission in Baghdad.” She pointed out that “the two sides reviewed the economic and financial issues related to the work of the Ministry of Finance of Iraq.”

The ministry said “the two parties stressed the importance of developing the banking sector and the country’s financial support of the U.S. Treasury and the World Bank.” It noted the Iraqi Finance Ministry in its statement that “the two sides discussed developments in the current political crisis, and stressed the need to resolve contentious issues between all the political components through constructive dialogue and stay away from situations convulsive that increase the complexity of the political process in Iraq.”