For these reasons, Washington got rid of General Omar Suleiman, and killed him ..?

For these reasons, Washington got rid of General Omar Suleiman, and killed him ..?

Thursday July 26, 2012

Follow-up – and babysit – Sources familiar with political and media to be Major General Omar Suleiman had been killed in America, did not die in the manner promoted by Washington and some Egyptian figures. The sources added: This is no doubt, and if the autopsy was conducted for a neutral body immediately before and 24 hours after the announcement of his death will prove it.
Citing sources, the following statement is very important: An aide to the head of intelligence, the former Egyptian Omar Suleiman, the official security chief for Reuters on Thursday 19/07/2012 that Suleiman, who was among the president’s inner circle of former Egyptian Hosni Mubarak died in the United States, where he was undergoing medical tests, said Hussein Kamal Assistant Suleiman was okay .. This happened suddenly .. Was undergoing medical tests in Cleveland, “without giving a reason of the death of Solomon.

They said: If a note, according to his aides as follows: Omar Suleiman went to medical examinations only, Omar Suleiman was okay, there was a sudden death!! She added: We are facing a classic case of the assassination of intelligence and semi-public Without Frills, and the goal is to get rid of Omar Suleiman .. As for why America killed him to get rid of it Vagherúa the following:

1 – Omar Suleiman, is the largest repository of information about the secrets of American intelligence cooperation – of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, and even did not know a lot, which died with the age and the great danger to America.

2 – the source of danger is that Omar Suleiman began doubts that America is the architect of what happened in Egypt, and promised him to succeed Mubarak was just a tactic used to prepare the ground for the delivery of the Chairman of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and committed Solomon error-old talking about the doubts the existence of an American scheme a serious threat to Egypt.

3 – said U.S. intelligence, Omar Suleiman that our candidacy of Ahmad Shafiq president is only a step to your nomination later drag your vote now and let Shafiq fighting a battle is won it will not work in office and then we will pay your candidate, and won the Muslim Brotherhood candidate will reach the other to failure and you are the alternative .. Omar Suleiman, to eat the bait all the U.S., and walked out and left to silence and waiting for UAE summoned by America’s greatest task assigned.

4 – arrived Mohamed Morsi, elections are all fake, and supervised the CIA to forge, and this is recognized by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Nazarenes, and others after the election and the delayed release of results and discovered Omar Suleiman that American trick, and they want Mohamed Morsi, president of Egypt and you want to install the Muslim Brotherhood arbiters of the Egypt, and the certainty that there is a deal between the junta and the Muslim Brotherhood under American auspices, despite all the leaks, disinformation, which said the existence of a dispute between the Brotherhood and the military junta, and the support of the Military Council for the nomination of Ahmed Shafik was a cover to pass Tfoaz Mohamed Morsi atmosphere questioning the safety of the election.

Then Omar started babbling to close to him and he does not rule out that some of them the eyes of an American it, but he still thinks he is still a treasure of America held by a black day will come after that fails Mohamed Morsi, but the families of some of the caution of delirium, he said that he does so in order to reach his protestations to the U.S. pass the consideration?! … Thus, this naive behavior with Omar Suleiman that he knew the Americans well.

5 – Posted calling America rejoiced, thinking that they want to put the facts in an atmosphere of the Interior, and the cover is to conduct medical tests because it was not a patient had no history of disease and his health was excellent. Believe what the CIA infiltration of false information about the trap installed by Mohamed Morsi, and they do not want the president of the Muslim Brotherhood, and flew, once arrived before the consultation is expected poisoned substance and placed in the drink gave him away effect after 24 hours, and died quickly, before they hear the news sweet anticipated.
Source: alrayy