Financial announces the immediate customs tariff in early June next

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Sumerian News / Baghdad announced that the Iraqi Finance Ministry, Sunday, for the direct tariff customs early June, while confirming that the measure will support the industry and agriculture Mahlitin and protect the consumer and the producer Iraqi alike. said Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi in a press conference held at the Directorate of Customs in Baghdad and… attended “Alsumaria News”, “The ministry has identified the first of June next date for the direct tariff customs for all goods entering Iraq,” noting that “the application of customs tariff will be in accordance with tight controls and tight control over employees.” Issawi said that “the customs tariff, which will be applied will not significantly impact on the consumer in terms of higher commodity prices in local markets, and will protect producer and consumer Iraqi alike, “noting that it” has developed an approach to tariff old had been working with Iraq before 2003, and will vary their proportions depending on the quality of goods and commodities. ” He al-Issawi that “the application of customs tariff that would support the production, industry, local agriculture and reduce flood the market with goods bad, as well as to facilitate Iraq’s accession to the WTO, as well as the State’s right to get on collection of goods and goods entering Iraq.” Iraq had imposed a fee Kmarkip on the goods before the year 2003, according to Law 77 of 1955, was discontinued after that with the entry of U.S. troops to Iraq to issue a civil administrator in Iraq, Bremer, a fee of $ 5% on goods entering Iraq, known then charges the reconstruction of Iraq. According to the General Authority for Customs (December , 2010), applied to the law of customs tariff new No. 22 for 2010 by up to 20%, to be staffed by the beginning of March next, indicating that the work leave the import will be activated from the 16 of February next after he stopped working out during the previous period. announced Iraqi Finance Ministry in August 2011, the postponement of a law tariff until Aam current due to the absence of mechanisms of action and high commodity prices in the Iraqi market. linked Iraq with neighboring countries through 13 outlets border, in addition to five outlets air and five ports freely, most notably the outlet Newborn and Rabia with Syria, and Jordan with Trebil port, and port Arar with Saudi Arabia, and an outlet and Shalamjah Mundhiriyah with Iran, and Abraham port that connects Iraq to Turkey.