Finance Committee will hold a mid-July conference to promote the reality of the legislative banks


BAGHDAD / JD / .. revealed the parliamentary finance committee member and MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Najiba Najib for a conference in the middle of July to find out the faulty banking legislation ..

Najib said L / JD / that “those who will attend the conference provided a number of research papers and studies that diagnosed the shortage in the banking legislation and the kinks in some of its aspects” ..

“We’ve been preparing for logistical and administrative preparedness to hold the conference in the 15/7 this year, to coincide with meetings of the Council of Representatives” ..

Najib explained that “the primary objective of the conference is to stand on the banking legislation to promote the reality of the legislative government and private banks” ..

The MP for the Kurdistan Alliance and a member of the Knesset Finance in an earlier statement / JD / “The Council of Ministers approved the request made by them regarding the establishment of a conference on the advancement of the private banks in Iraq,” referring to the “held two meetings with the Deputy Governor of Central Bank” appearance Mohammed “and general manager of banks,” Zia compassionate “and with the (cpi) and the Director-General of the Bank of the Iraqi Trade” Hamdiya dry “..

She said Najib,” The purpose of these two meetings is to reach to the ideas which we can the success of the conference, saying: that the date of the conference will be the middle of next June “.. and noted that” the invitation to attend the conference and sent to many private banks and government as well as university professors.