Experts call for the separation of economic from political differences between Baghdad and Erbil

14/04/2012 16:41

Baghdad, April 14 (Rn) – The number of experts in the field of oil and the economy on the need to develop a road map to get rid of the outstanding problems and the separation of political differences about economic disagreements between Baghdad and Erbil. said former Minister of Planning Mahdi Al-Hafiz at a seminar hosted by the Economic Development Institute in Baghdad, on Saturday , “The solution of problems between Baghdad and Erbil must be through constructive dialogue,” noting… “the need to separate the political differences for the differences of economic and oil.” and added that “the economic problems will remain unresolved, as if not separated from the political problems and that the best solution is to adopt a constitution with respect to the distribution of powers in the management of file-oil. ” and returned the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil to the fore recently on the back of the decision last stop exporting oil through the Turkish port of Ceyhan due to non-payment of the federal government for the benefit of foreign companies operating in the region. The keeper that “attitudes convulsive do not work economic situation in the country and cause major problems at the level of economic development and the reality of the activities of oil. ” and declared the Kurdistan region in earlier to stop all oil exports, starting from the first of this April to protest non-payment of Baghdad receivables of foreign companies operating in the oil region. For his part, oil expert and teaching at the Institute for Development Economic entire Mahdi said, “Arbil signed 48 contracts post the most recent contract with the stricken Muebl, and this is not done by the Baghdad government entered into service contracts.” and added that “a road map to resolve disputes away from the political problems and conflicts internal political forces is the best solution and accelerate the passage of the law of oil and gas. ” , said oil expert Mohammad Al Kaabi (Rn) that “the governments of Arbil and Baghdad do not have the serious discussions to resolve differences oil between them, and that a large part of the differences, most notably the issue of payment of wages and benefits the oil companies can be resolved through genuine dialogue and serious away from political motives. ” He explained that “the best solution for the Kurdistan region to form a committee talks a permanent and continuous as well as by the government of Iraq and refrain from pushing the political conflicts by political differences between Baghdad and Erbil.” The dispute is between Arbil and Baghdad, on 41 decade oil and signed by the Government of the Territory since 2007 and now Baghdad says it has concluded in the absence of transparency and described as “false.” and press the federal government towards that all the oil contracts signed by them by the Iraqi Oil Ministry, while calling the region the powers of the biggest in this regard so that have a right to sign contracts without reference to Baghdad. and the Council of Ministers approved the Iraqi draft law of oil and gas in 2007 but faced objections Kurd, he sees observers that he represents the differences between Arbil and Baghdad on sharing oil revenues and control over some fields in northern Iraq and the Kurdistan region. and has the Kurdistan oil reserves of 45 billion barrels and embarked Government of the Territory after 2003 put the oil fields to foreign investment. Iraq is seeking to increase its oil production in the coming years to reach 12 million barrels a day.of Jafar Allonan, Ts: Walid al-Zaidi, the Open: Karwan Joseph