Experts: America shot 35 thousand tons of uranium to Iraq

Experts: America shot 35 thousand tons of uranium to Iraq

Monday 18 March 2013

Follow-up – and babysit – A number of experts and specialists to risk remnants of war and its impact on future generations in a symposium held by the Organization of the Kurdish House.
And lectured at the seminar all of Muthanna Mahmoud Shaker, teaching at the University of Baghdad, secretary of the Association of Iraqi common diseases, and Essen Kamal faculty in the College of Nursing, and a member of several health organizations, attended the symposium audience of followers.

The seminar started that in parallel with the tragic city of Halabja, which bombed with chemical weapons, introduced tragic images of Essen Kamal talked about the devastation caused by the bombing of the human race and they like the genocide, indicating the impact of the bombing on subsequent generations the stricken city.

Then threw Muthanna Mahmoud Shaker lecture about the dangers of ordnance adding numbers to the disaster suffered by Iraq as a result of wars, and said there are now 35 thousand tons of depleted uranium on Iraqi territory, and not just say those U.S. that figure is 5 000 tonnes.

Noting that the Americans had asked several U.S. and international companies cleaned 311 sites contaminated with uranium spreading in many parts of Iraq, particularly in Najaf and the Northern Badia.

Turning to Shaker definition of radioactive contamination and the mechanism that affects the element uranium on the environment and man, alluding to the physical changes that occur in the body and lead to cancer, indicating that the uranium remain in the ground for 4 million years.

He Shaker during the first Gulf War thrown 300 tons of uranium shells, then rose to 1100 tons, then the figure has reached to 2200 tons used in 2003, indicating that the risks that resulted at the level of Iraq is the low birth rate males compared to females and birth defects, in addition to the emergence of a new flu symptoms Iraq.

He found the too many containers of uranium in southern Iraq near the Iraqi-Iranian border, Saudi Arabia and places slaughters animals exposed to experiences in several areas,

Saying by his personal opinion that “the Americans used us Ktjarb.” Shaker stressed that the procedures and the Ministry of Environment to get rid of the waste did not lead to a result

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