Exclusive.. Qaani in Baghdad carrying a specific message regarding the formation of the Iraqi government

Exclusive.. Qaani in Baghdad carrying a specific message regarding the formation of the Iraqi government

2022-01-25 07:47

Exclusive.. Qaani in Baghdad carrying a specific message regarding the formation of the Iraqi governmentShafaq News/ An informed political source revealed, on Tuesday, that the commander of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Ismail Qaani, informed the leaders of the coordination framework of the necessity of entering the government of the national majority advocated by the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr.

The source, who asked not to be identified, said, in a statement to Shafak News Agency, that “the official of the Iranian-Iraqi security file, Ismail Qaani, called on all leaders of the Coordination Framework Forces to preserve the form and content of the Shiite house by accepting the conditions of al-Sadr that require the exclusion of the leader of the State of Law coalition. Nouri al-Maliki and prevented him from participating in the government.”

He added that Qaani “emphasized the rearrangement of the framework forces in a way that preserves their electoral gains through a new structure that adopts a single leadership, that is, the convergence of all representatives of the framework forces under the title of the Fatah Alliance led by Hadi al-Amiri, and to go to tenderness and show allegiance by reviving the Shiite house led by al-Sadr and forming the government. new”.

A scapegoat to protect Al-Maliki from Al-Sadr

The source pointed out that “Qaani hinted at giving al-Maliki guarantees that he would not be held accountable for the files that al-Sadr was waving about, as well as preparing a ram and referring it to the concerned authorities under the banner of holding those involved in corruption and waste of public money accountable, not to mention other requirements and this is the task of the Iranian official who asked the framework to resolve position and not to forfeit a last chance to unite the Shiite house without al-Maliki.”

The source suggested that “Tehran would accept the scenario of a national majority government led by al-Sadr, not out of fear or in order to preserve its interests in Iraq, but rather in order to overcome a crisis afflicting its international negotiations related to the nuclear file.”

Conditions of the coordination frame on the chest

The source added, “The meeting of the leaders of the coordination framework today is supposed to lead to decisions that are in line with what the official in the Iranian-Iraqi file aspires to bring down the curtain on the negotiations and controversy of the framework and al-Sadr, and the issue of forming a government will be resolved quickly.”

He stressed that “the framework forces will set conditions for al-Sadr in return for joining him in his next government, including granting the Ministry of Interior portfolio to the Shiites exclusively, in addition to preserving the ministerial entitlement for its components.”

The commander of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Esmail Qaani, arrived today, Tuesday, in the capital, Baghdad, on an unannounced visit.

Qaani recently held a round of talks in the capital, Baghdad and Najaf, in which he did not reach results that would lead to a Shiite consensus on forming a government.

An informed political source told Shafaq News Agency, that Qaani will hold meetings with the Iraqi political forces, to discuss the file of forming the new government, and the latest results of the negotiations between the coordination framework and the Sadrist movement.

Attempts to enter parties from the coordination framework in a national majority government that Muqtada al-Sadr is confronting, jointly with the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and the alliance of those who advanced headed by Muhammad al-Halbousi, and Azm headed by Khamis al-Khanjar, faltered.

This was confirmed by al-Sadr, when he expressly rejected the participation of the head of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, in the government of the national majority that he seeks to form.

Al-Sadr said in a televised speech, followed by Shafak News Agency, “I invited Hadi Al-Amiri, Qais Al-Khazali and Faleh Al-Fayyad to participate in the majority government, provided that Al-Maliki did not participate, but they refused to do so,” adding, “The coordinating framework forces mortgaged Al-Maliki’s participation by her coming to Al-Hananah and we told them: Your comfort.”

Shafak News has learned that the comprehensive coordinating framework of Shiite forces is trying to persuade Al-Sadr to form a “settlement government”, in the event that entry into a unified Shiite bloc that includes all parties fails, and this proposal enjoys the support of specific Iranian parties.

However, the private discussions between al-Sadr and the coordination framework did not reach a specific agreement, in addition to al-Sadr’s rejection of the framework’s attempts to include Nuri al-Maliki in the new government synthesis.