Entitlement to an Iraqi

31/03/2012 0:00

Abbas Abd al-Razzaq al-Sabbagh 
The level of success of the summit, Baghdad 2012, despite the vast amount of security challenges and the intersections of political, predicts aptly about the possibility and readiness of Iraq to play a leadership role the regional, Arab and even international as well as the national scene, has been debate about the summit raging in both arenas of internal and external, But in the end, success was a joint Iraqi from the point of being for all Iraqis without exception, …whether at the level of the political community or civil, which is – on the other – a common sharing of results between Iraq as a state organization and the sponsor of the Summit and the rest of the members of the Arab system, which Iraq was a the most prominent founders, as noted in previous articles we say that it is possible that there is a stable Middle East, secure and prosperous without the stability, security and prosperity of Iraq and the countries that fall under the banner of the Arab League are the backbone and the focus of the Centre for Middle East and Iraq is the nerve and vital center hinge and pivot of the system . 
The success of this conference is evidence the return of wellness in this country, who missed forcibly and unwillingly, to exercise its natural role in the squares of regional, Arab and international for more than two decades, which is also evidence that Iraq is able to live a situation in a natural condition if any country, and its success represents evidence of the return of “awareness” and “right” for some parties that bet with all my strength to thwart the Iraq experience democracy for purposes especially as bet other parties to keep Iraq as “the sick man,” that it’s fragmented and seizure of “property” agendas of many especially the sectarian obnoxious. 
Arab summit is the completion of an Iraqi qualitative and historical and has prospects for a strategic long-term Iraq after the dictatorships comprehensiveness and mastery of one-party, and his leadership in the early spring, Arab, and the value of this done is in many ways the most important success in the rearrangement of the Iraqi house, especially after creative chaos that accompanied the Iraqi scene after the change Nisani as well as giving a vivid picture of the nature of my optimism with caution to the world that it is possible to see Iraq return to normal, well positioned by virtue of its potential physical, cultural and human resources, and Iraq could exceed all contract history and deposits of dictatorships and tribulations and tragedies , and that Iraq is able to address and lead the Arab world is a benefit exceeding the burden on the internal reality of mishaps and disturbances and harassment of political purposes in order to make the Arab world on a series of achievements that the Iraqi Summit was one of the forms.