Economists claim to study the reality of the market and the impact upon the application of tariff

Baghdad-Sabah reiterated a number of those interested in economic affairs invited to study the reality of the local market traders and orientations towards the customs tariff and its impact on the reality of the market, wondering about the knowledge of applicants applying this approach the mechanics work border crossings and how it is Dealing with incoming goods to the country.

He pointed to the importance of interested customs tariff in most countries of the world and it provides a civilized system of imports to the budgets of the countries that have sophisticated border ports on the completion of transactions during the period of time not to exceed a few hours supplements as well as other economic utilized when applying customs tariffs in economic development.

economic expert, Mohammed Yasin, in an interview (morning) stressed the importance of customs tariff in the country to activate the role of local production through the creation of ability to compete with imported goods of whether they are in the sectors of industry and agriculture. He pointed to the importance of the adoption of the tariff at the precise adoption ensures smooth entry of goods are pleased that it depends on the nature of what comes out of the instructions governing the entry of goods into Iraq, and stressed that there are special committees following the border crossing points before After the adoption of this system, and pointed out that the imposition of fees on the material must be employed towards the service sector, which shall be subject to tariffs, so they can be as recruitment fees that are imposed on agricultural products to support the agricultural sector in the country, especially in the field of agricultural research, which works to stimulate agricultural production. Yassin and demanded the need for coordination between tariffs and those who made it and the devices or laboratory testing companies that work on the examination of goods entering through the border crossings and achieve the results during the periods do not affect negatively on the reality of import, which provides what is missing from the Iraqi market goods and different materials is one of the necessary requirements in the life of Allowatun. He pointed to the importance that there should be a working system for accurate Aistgl tariff for the purpose of personal benefit and do the process of blackmailing importers and their implications for the citizen.

As the honored competent commercial Mahdi Al Shammari said that the customs tariff system in developing countries, in particular for its role in maximizing the resources of the country, but in Iraq it is different from developing countries and to be here to answer that question Do we have the useful ability to apply a customs tariff, and built-Shammari said the answer to this system we can not apply the current time for many reasons not to stand in the forefront of civil outlets that serves as the border ports broken and suffer from corruption cases, continuous, in addition to not having the border outlets to sophisticated mechanisms of action that suits the volume of imports entering the country, and said the treatment done in neighboring countries within an hour of time in the outlets completed three days and the perception of the size of the suffering experienced by the importer in natural conditions and pointed out that the presence of new doors for corruption when applying tariff in its current form stems from the variation in the proportion of tariff, where the intervention of the day thousands of containers that contain more than one article here and become a special tariff for each subject and it is easy to reduce the proportion of material that high tariffs and tariffs that raise a few article which accept this form of manipulation and can not be applied customs tariff. He said the need to apply tariffs gradually on materials entering the country after the development of border crossing points. He called on members of parliament Shammari need to go to the border crossing points and unannounced visits regularly to determine when the truth of what is being seen and where the momentum happening there, and the extent of their eligibility to apply this system. He pointed to the importance of benefiting from the Ibrahim Khalil border port and how things are going in this port, although the density of commercial traffic, which cover 30 percent of the country’s need of goods, where the treatment is accomplished in two or three different case with in other ports. He pointed out that the percentage of profits for the dealer will rise in the adoption of the law of gravity, but the biggest burden will fall on low-income citizens.

The Director General of Customs Munther Abdel Amir that the application of the tariff at this time is not accurate and we have to so they can be reviewed in this issue because rates and timing of the adoption of the tariff is not appropriate, and pointed to the importance of promoting domestic production by the imposition of the tariff system, although it is one universal requirements of the international customs. But we need more time and do the exploitation rates of the importer in some ports and can not apply the rules at all border crossing points currently.