Economic Committee: Parliamentary system cannot work without modifying tariff

Date: Thursday, 28-06-2012 01: 19 pm

Baghdad (News) … Head of the Economic Committee of the Iraqi list MP//Ahmad Al-alwani, the Customs Tariff Act needs to be adjusted, and can work only after making some amendments.

He said Al-alwani (News Agency news) on Thursday: the Customs Tariff Act needs to be amended and for ripening the economic situation in the country and it cannot work without amendment, stating: the Commission will amend the law to establish new fees in line with the economic situation.

He added: that the Iraqi market has a lot of merchants who store large items and sell them at a high price at a time when people need them to postpone law’s argument, stating: the tariff is an important topic of vital and cannot be imposed by the State of Iraq without levying fees on the loan without goods entering Iraq Gali.

He denied rumors that worry Al-alwani: Iraqi citizens by increasing the prices of goods while delaying tariff act nor the veracity of these claims, but the law needs to be amended and will not be any increase in prices.