Economic Committee Member calls for the reduction of currency smuggling and hold those accountable as negligent

Dani calls for the formation of a committee to stop the smuggling of the dollar and hold negligent


demanded parliamentary economic committee member and MP for the Iraqi List, the formation of a joint committee between the Iraqi Foreign Ministry and the Central Bank and Finance Committees and the Parliamentary Economic addition to the Ministry of Finance to reduce the smuggling of foreign currency abscess Iraq.

The Daini’s / JD / “The Iraqi economy is in need of this Committee in order to have a commitment and a plan of action limit the dollar smuggling to neighboring countries in the region of Iraq.”

Dani explained, “The formation of the committee will work as much as possible to hold negligent and increased pumping dollars into the Iraqi market.” It showed a member of the economic and parliamentary deputy for the Iraqi List to be the beginning of July of this year will see a version of customs tariff and will not be Iraq’s economy, a comfortable if it remains the level of the dollar high and outside the control of the state it will lead to an economic crisis.

“The central bank had been placed restrictions on the sale hard currency is maternity leave Import bank account and accounting tax to reduce the degradation rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

also see the dollar withdrawn continuously by regional countries neighboring Iraq, which confirmed by some members of the Finance Committee, the parliamentary and is in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Syria and Turkey.