Dispute between Kurdistan and the Law

Dispute between Kurdistan and the Law on the National Conference

06/02/2012 16:18

Maliki, Allawi, Jaafari






Baghdad, February 6 (Rn) – between the rejection and the support of different views between the State of Law Coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the Kurdistan Alliance about the National Conference or not. In the opinion of Maliki’s coalition that the convening of the conference has become unnecessary because it would be a protocol, while insisting the Kurdistan Alliance to be held and the application of items that are coming out of the conference. The country’s worst political crisis in the wake of the issuance of an arrest warrant for Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi and demand that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the House of Representatives dismissed his deputy, Saleh al-Mutlaq for the job. face-Hashimi accused the leadership of death squads are based on the confessions of a television to the men say they are of his guards bodyguards. Hashemi denies the accusations and says it is fabricated. While the request was to isolate al-Mutlaq, on the basis that he lacks the competence and confidence in the office. , Hashimi and al-Mutlaq of the leaders of the coalition in Iraq with a secular character, who joined reluctantly to the unity government led by al-Maliki. , says the coalition in Iraq that al-Maliki sought to dismantle it in the “liquidation” of opponents and rivals. Has emerged as the crisis strongly days after the completion of a U.S. withdrawal. , says MP and leader of the coalition of state law Hussein al-Asadi told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) “No need now to this meeting (conference) between the politicians.” He said, “If there will be a mere increase for long yen parties politicians will be a conference Bertokolaa, as happened in previous meetings. ” He explained that the conference will be put to the problems but what is agreed upon solution of these problems will not apply and will be each party rigid in his opinion will be allocated for the greetings. and was President Jalal Talabani and the House of Representatives Osama Najafi agreed recently to call to hold a national conference of all Iraqi forces to resolve the outstanding issues, including the issue Hashemi. and fled Hashemi Kurdistan after prevent him from traveling outside Iraq is unlikely to deliver the region to the government in Baghdad. , says an MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Amina Said’s (Rn) that “the National Congress probably will contribute to solving conflicts between the political blocs and would have a big positive. ” and said that “the Kurdistan Alliance is counting on the convening of this conference to resolve problems outstanding between the political blocs.” She Said that there are outstanding issues remain unresolved despite the passage of two years of the formation of the Iraqi government, including the issues of the Ministries of Defense and Interior. She said “the conference sponsor to resolve these problems.” The MP for the Sadrists Joseph Tai had confirmed (Rn) that the need no longer to hold the National Congress and the collection of the political blocs after the decline of the Iraqi List, the decision to boycott the government and the resumption of its presence in the House and Cabinet. The Iraqi coalition led by Ayad Allawi, speaking on condition earlier in the presence of the President of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani, the leader of the Sadrist leader Muqtada al-Sadr and Hakim of the Supreme Council for any conference or meeting. From: Yazan Al Shammari. Open: Murtaza Yousuf />