Deputy for Kurdistan: Maliki provoking crises from time to time to control the power

On: Tuesday 04/17/2012 16:05

Baghdad (news) .. accused member of the Kurdistan Alliance MP / Kurdish coalition blocs / Burhan Mohamed, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, fabricating crises from time to time, ruling out the seriousness of al-Maliki to resolve the crisis. 
Mohammed (the Agency news) said on Tuesday: that al-Maliki provoking crises Whenever got close views between the political blocs to resolve the current crisis, surprising from Oastmrarh (Maliki) fabricating crises between now and then. and added: It is possible that we call on the Maliki government crises, so that (Maliki) to control more on the “helm” rule in the country (to him). 
A member of the Kurdistan Alliance: that the continuation of al-Maliki to create crises will push all the blocks to the application of the idea of no-confidence about him, and to reach a consensus that satisfies all parties away from al-Maliki, to correct the political process and to live the Iraqi people away from the harbingers of crises political. 
this Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the Kurdish people to beware of irresponsible statements in order to stay enjoy rewards, considering the launch of the statements convulsive do not come well for all the Iraqi people, warned against some of the tone of incitement, which resort to in an attempt to incite people against each other, or induction of the Party National against the other through the distortion of words and removed from the context. 
Maliki said in an interview with the newspaper mirror Kurdish, which is published in Sulaymaniyah, the friction and release statements convulsive do not come well for all the Iraqi people, not even the Kurdish people. / End / 33. n. p. /