Customs tariff was postponed for technical reasons

said the President of the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control that there are many reasons to postpone the application of tariff law.

Engineer Saad Abdel-Wahab Abdel-Qader said reasons many stands behind the postponement of tariff law the most important that the law guarantees to impose the tax on some raw materials used in Iraqi industry which is a block to the wheel of industrial development which is expected to provide more.

He said the postponement was the result of fears of higher prices of imported goods with the approach of the holy month of Ramadan and its impact on the ability of the citizen’s purchasing power.

He Abdel Wahab we are in Central Organ of the elderly concerns of officials in the General Administration of Customs and the Council of Ministers is the inadequacy of the moment to impose tariffs on imported goods because the details of the law is not flexible in terms of some goods that are charging them on a seasonal basis Kmahasil agricultural and vegetables that are grown seasonally in Iraq.

pointing out that these reasons and others prompted the Council of Ministers to request a postponement of the project.