critical of the failure of the Ministry of Oil

Local specialists are critical of the failure of the Ministry of Oil in the provision of oil derivatives

11/02/2012 13:24


Iraqi Oil

Baghdad, February 11 (AKnews) – Experts have warned in the oil and energy from the continuing inability of Iraq to develop oil refineries and end the Iraq import of petroleum products. The expert in the development of the oil industry Hamza jeweler, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that “Iraq can not afford to fill their needs of petroleum products due to failure of the Oil Ministry in this regard, especially as it could not build a network of pipelines to transport natural gas consumed by Iraq to gas stations. ”  He explained that “Iraq is losing an annual $ 5 billion to buy oil derivatives, and especially the material and fuel Alcazawal and he could not produce only 45% of the of manufacture. ” and pointed out that “the revitalization of the refineries and bring new technologies would raise the level of production capacities, especially Bmcefy session and the Baiji refinery in Basra, where produce each refinery of which 80 thousand barrels a day.” For his part, former expert at the Ministry of Oil and engineers in the fields Oil Mohammed Al-Malki’s (Rn) that “the petroleum products can not the Ministry of Oil and alone without the help of the Ministry of Electricity and transport provide the needs of Iraq.” and added that “the problem of petroleum products need to plan high to provide a pipeline for all power plants, the President and which reaches 

the 18 power plant, President of the dependent material Alcazoial. ” 
and noted that “the Ministry of Oil demand to disclose and reveal the daily needs of Iraq and the import of petroleum products in order to broadcast the elements of transparency.” , said a member of the Committee on Oil parliamentary Furat al-Shara’s (Rn) that “the oil of parliamentary recommended the ministries of oil and electricity to form a room of high oversees the process of importing petroleum products from the country. ” He said, “petroleum products in Alelad cost the state money too can through that money to build refineries typically address the problem of scarcity of petroleum products.” He said, “This issue will be put in a session climb the Deputy Prime Minister Hussain al-Shahristani, Oil Minister Abdul Karim Laibi end of this week. “and declared the Iraqi Oil Ministry the Federal earlier said its production of gas oil reached 4 thousand tons per day, and it produces 12 million for / d of gasoline with imported 12 million l / j day. of Jlallonan, the Open: Peace Baghdadi