Crisis between Baghdad and Kurdistan Region to be resolved soon, says legal expert

ERBIL, July 25 (AKnews) – An Iraqi legal expert said he is counting on the results of the efforts of the parliamentary committee responsible for monitoring the oil disputes between Baghdad and Erbil after visiting and meeting with officials in the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Region, adding that the crisis will be resolved during the next two days

A delegation from the energy committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives visited the Kurdistan Region last week to hear about the disputes over the Kurdistan Region’s crude oil exports to Turkey.

Tareq Harb said: “The crisis will be resolved during the next two days, as the National Alliance (NA) and many of the leaders of the Kurdistan Region confirmed that the issue will be resolved through dialogue between the region and the federal government in Baghdad.”

Harb rules out that the issue has reached a breaking point by cutting the allocations of the Kurdistan Region from the general budget by the federal government, because the issue will be resolved between the parties during the next two days.

He assured that: “The committee has absolute powers to discuss the issue, and there is no disagreement that cannot be resolved according to legal and constitutional frameworks, and I am optimistic that the crisis will be resolved soon.”

On Monday the MP from the State of Law Coalition (SLC) Mansour al-Tamimi called on the Iraqi government to stop the budget of the Kurdistan Region and deduct its share of oil from the general budget. He called on the Federal Court to intervene to resolve the issues between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the federal government.

The conflict between the federal government in Baghdad and the KRG about oil fields has been ongoing for months. Baghdad considers the contracts signed between the KRG and international oil companies to be illegal.