Central warning: there is a conspiracy to undermine the regional financial operation in Iraq

28/04/2012 0:00

He seeks to develop the work of auctions currency 
Baghdad – Haider Filaih Rubaie 
warned the Iraqi Central Bank of the conspiracy regional said it is targeting the infrastructure of the national economy, pointing out that the plot works to drain cash reserves of the Bank through the broadcast rumors could adversely affect the price of exchange and is working to reduce the value of the dinar against the dollar, saying that the incubators that serve to implement the plot extends its influence from the ends of the Persian Gulf as far south-west Anatolia to the north, in the meantime expressed the central hoped to improve the daily auctions for the currency in proportion to the size of the aggregate demand for the dollar , stressing that the central take it upon himself to enter Bdziat foreign trade financing to the private sector in order to ensure that no laundering operations of the coin, noting that the policy of strategic future of the bank and put in its plans to develop the work auctions currency as one of the economic policies that work to supplement the local markets the full requirements of the Currency difficult. 
Deputy Governor of Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh during his speech for the (morning): Iraq is subjected to fierce attack trying to undermine the national economy and seeks to absorb the maximum amount of cash reserves of the Central Bank, which is estimated at more than $ 55 billion, noting that the goal President of the attack is to undermine the financial capacity and the disruption of developmental programs of the country. 
Saleh pointed out that the central touch recently that demands economic assistance for Iraq has become more than his business, the public is clear, a clear sign of a deliberate policy to reduce the financial capacity of the country and drain the commercial reality in it. 
pointing out The results of that plot will lead to making the country a consumer of the first degree and lead to the output of financial surpluses to serve the economies of Foreign Affairs and prevent Iraq to be an economic power in the region. 
and warned for the risk of turning Iraq into an oasis dormant and unproductive due to the suffering of the plots economic result of avalanching style consumer is unprecedented, and the transfer of surplus and savings of the country to foreign investment not only serve the countries may be the part of the plot, saying that those forces worked to undermine any sounds and national sought to revive the economic situation under the pretext of the exchange rate and the depreciation of the dinar against the dollar that arose recently because of rumors that I worked on has points of beneficiaries of destabilization of the financial realities in Iraq. He appealed to the benefit of all the national forces to stand firm against the suffering of the country from economic risks, calling for the commercial center to work in a spirit of national to ward off the risks that are trying to undermine the reality of development in the country and seeking to destabilize the power of the dinar, which he is strong and is covered by an estimated 120 percent of its true value. 
and the Deputy Governor of the Bank that markets outdoor and found her incubator and freedom of trade in the Iraqi market under the pretext of development, so it became the corridors of free trade in Iraq and a way to hit the national economy and drying economic surplus under the pretext of trade finance, and this is according to the benefit factor will lead to the smuggling of Iraqi funds can be used at home by financing business ventures capable of competing with imported, pointing out that Iraq does not need to finance the trade of this size, a trade consumer, not business development .. . He also said Iraq’s development stalled by the constraints of international and internal. 
to that proposed for amendment a number of dealings cash which are made ​​through his Auctions currency on a daily basis, and aimed at those auctions to control the exchange rate and the lack of high rates of inflation. 
which achieved thanks to this policy During the past years. 
According to favor the importance of carrying the strategic future of the bank plans designed to achieve tangible development in the work of the auction currency. 
stressing that the bank began during the periods recent follow-up molecules of foreign trade financing to the private sector, saying that these plans for the future nothing to do with monetary policy of the country, but related to the policy of the Bank’s future, which works to sell the dollar and the withdrawal of the dinar to maintain the stabilizing exchange rate. 
and the benefit of the central bank is working to shape economic policies of the country, and on this basis, the entering into particulars dollar selling on the private sector is could cost the bank more time and effort, and this is what the proposal called for pushing the number of banks and banks to act as monitor the transfer of funds by the private sector, pointing out that it guarantees the prevention of money laundering and the smuggling of currency.