Central Bank welcomes the entry European investment banks to Iraq

Central Bank welcomes the entry European investment banks to Iraq

Sunday July 8, 2012

BAGHDAD – and babysit – through Central Bank of Iraq for its “willingness to support any investment bank Uribe wants to enter Iraq if it is proved that he serves the country’s economy.”
The deputy governor said the appearance of Mohammed, “The condition of granting the license to any foreign bank wants to work in Iraq is the degree classification of merit of the bank and preferably be degree + AAA in addition to network international reporters to be adopted by the foreign bank and the opinion of the monetary authorities the bank in his native country and the activities of the bank in Iraq was to be an investment, commercial or otherwise. ”

He stressed that “the central bank is the only body which granted the work permit subject to compliance with banking laws and regulations of the bank which is a prerequisite for the granting of approval”.

He added that “Iraq needs a European investment banks because it is an important gateway to enter the European investment into the country because it will serve the economic development of the entry of foreign investors.”

The Baghdad Provincial Council addressed the Investment Commission of Baghdad and the Iraqi Central Bank to identify actions to open an investment bank in the continental Iraq by Ukrainian companies.

The head of the Baghdad Provincial Council full-Zaidi told a news briefing earlier that the “Group of companies that entered into a memorandum of understanding with the provincial council to invest in Iraq will open the investment bank soon after to complete the procedures of official and legal,” pointing to “the Council’s intention to address the Investment Commission of Baghdad and the central bank to determine the frameworks appropriate to open this bank. ”

Zaidi said “The Council welcomed the desire to preserve Ukrainian companies to invest in Iraq,” noting that “these companies from the major European companies in the world and project the bank is the first of its kind in Iraq” … p / i
Source: alrayy