Bill of presidencies’ mandate does not target Maliki, says MP

BAGHDAD, July 12 (AKnews)- The bill proposed for limiting the mandates of the Iraqi president, PM and speaker of the House of representatives, does not target Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.
The bill is a road-map for reinforcing democracy and the principle of peaceful handover of power, said Sadr Current MP Jawad al-Jobouri.
The bill, proposed by Ahrar Bloc of the Sadr Current, demands limiting the mandates to only two terms. Maliki Sate of Law Coalition (SLC) said the bill, signed by 100 MPs, targets Maliki who is in his second term of office.  The party claims this is another attempt against Maliki after efforts to withdraw his confidence and interrogate him “failed.”
Jobouri said the subject of limiting the mandate is related to “culture and convictions… because repeating the same party or person-centered authority in a way or another is monopoly and dictatorship.”
He refuted the allegations that the bill targets PM, saying “it aims at avoiding the consolidation of authority and its monopoly in the hands of single person or single party or a single mentality.”
The bill was proposed only 10 days after Sadr Current Leader Muqtada al-Sadr called on MPs to vote on a bill to limit the mandates of the three presidencies in order to avoid “dictatorship.”
Article 72 of the Iraqi constitution limits the mandate of the president to four years and he/she can be re-elected for a second term only.
Some parties deem under the ruling system of Republic of Iraq which is parliamentary, the mandate of the PM cannot be limited.