Barzani: We will not accept to live under a dictatorial regime at all costs

04/05/2012 17:37

Erbil, May 4 (AKnews) – The head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on Friday, there was no threat to the unity of the country only a dictatorship, he said, adding we hear today sounds high, you want to prove her patriotism or Arabism by attacking Kurdistan and to show hostility to the Kurdish people.said Barzani in speech at the first Conference of the Arab Gathering in support of the Kurdish issue, which was held in Erbil today, “The conference takes place in conditions of very sensitive in Iraq and the Middle East is no wonder that history will repeat itself, in the year 1966 in this day,” launched the dictatorial regime attacked a fierce Kurds Use in which all his weapons, where kick, his militants from the Arabs and the Kurds and killed many of the victims, including the militants of the Communist Party in the basin of Rawanduz, “adding that” despite the great potential of the system of dictatorship but the militants Kurds were victorious. ” He Barzani said, “You Today Taatsdon to fierce attack seems to be the tragedy of the Kurdish people is understandable to the Arab people, we are now looking for 188 thousand Kurdish burial of the former regime in the desert of the south, “explaining that” the Parliament of Kurdistan chose to live in Iraq, but Iraq is democratic, pluralistic, where the strategy is clear and will not turn away them, we will face retaliation tolerance, and we prefer the language of dialogue on the language of arms and threat. ” said Barzani, “We will not be afraid of planes F16 because we did not Nkhc of MiGs before, but we fear that it will return that culture and language of planes and tanks and liquefaction of Iraqi blood, so we are working with all We have to promote the brotherhood of Arab, Kurdish, Turkmen and Assyrian, “adding that” the Kurds will not accept to live under a dictatorial regime at all costs, and that the right to self-determination is the right project and invite others only Amoa us this right. ” The work of the assembly the first Arab to support the Kurdish issue , began on Friday in the presence of President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani and his deputy, Rasool and a number of government officials and party members, intellectuals and personalities in the region and Iraq. said Kazem Habib secretary of the Arab Gathering in support of the Kurdish issue “that the Conference of the Arab Gathering first for the success of the Kurdish issue started today his work at the Hall of Saad al-Abdullah in Arbil, in the presence of regional president Masoud Barzani and his deputy, Rasool and the participation of 120 personal from inside and outside Iraq. “and added that “Arab Gathering for the success of the Kurdish issue was founded in 2004, while the conference is the first day of its kind to gather, which aims to reorganize the assembly and selection of a new body to him, “explaining that he will discuss five topics, namely, the Kurds and Arabs in the Arab States, Arab relations in the Kurdish national framework Iraqi official, and the Arab Gathering and its importance, and the struggle of the Kurdish people to gain their legitimate rights in parts of Kurdistan, four, and political Islam.” He said Habib that “Arab Gathering for the success of the Kurdish issue are based on the development of democracy in Iraq and win the national rights of the Kurds as well as cultural rights and administrative components of Iraq,” pointing out that “most members of the assembly are those who fought against the former Baathist regime and believe in the legitimate rights of the Kurds in parts of Kurdistan’s four ( Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria). The sources in the Presidency of the Kurdistan region confirmed today that the Kurdish regional president Massoud Barzani was forced to cut short his visit the Gulf and to participate in the work of the first conference of the Arab Gathering in support of the Kurdish issue, as she noted that he will set another date to visit the State of Qatar. from: Yassin Rubaie, the Open: Fadi Zeidan