Barzani is a military move the pieces on the border of the province a declaration of war

Barzani is a military move the pieces on the border of the province a declaration of war and the Office of the Commander in Chief denies

Posted 15/07/2012 09:38 AM

Babinaoz (Reuters) – Mark Massoud Barzani, move the pieces of the Iraqi army near the border of the Kurdistan region a declaration of war on the region, Barzani said in a meeting with a representative of the U.S. embassy in Iraq, said “there are attempts underway between the period and the other for provoking the Kurds from the old to move pieces of military and aviation heavy above the limits of the province in continuous flights provoke us,

He said Barzani, president of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, we believe that the issue has not yet come, but if it continues these things may resort to the use of resolution 688, and the decision issued by the United Nations after the events of the popular uprising whereby it would be a region of Kurdistan region attended the flight from Iraq and spread-fly zone north of Latitude 36 and as far south as latitude 32, in late 1996, was expanded no-fly zone north to the line 33 and which was closer to the borders of the capital Baghdad. The work was completed fly zone in Iraq since the U.S. occupation of Iraq in 2003.
with office denied the commander of the armed forces of any military force moved toward the Kurdistan Region, noting that the statement by Barzani Kurds hostile to the security and the general Iraqis.

Said a statement carried by Iraqi Satellite semi-official: The Office of the Adjutant General of the Armed Forces denied any move toward a military force of the Kurdistan Region, and to permit the Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, the escalation of serious harm to the security of Iraqi Kurds and the general.
Source: babnews