Barzani: I will invite to the meeting of all Iraqi leaders may reject the continuation of al-Maliki as prime minister

Date: Monday 09/04/2012 10:57

After his meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden at the White House last Wednesday, Barzani said in an interview for a long «daily life» conducted by our colleague Ali Abdul Amir Ajam what he would call be back to Erbil to «an urgent meeting attended by Iraqi leaders, To put all issues on the table serious and open away from any courtesy, and in case Maliki’s refusal to attend or to deal positively, we will reject the other hand he was president of the Iraqi government. ”  long and… important re-published The following is the text of the interview:

 In the meeting with President Obama, and talks with Vice President Joseph Biden, any concerns reported to them about Iraq, and any position of American Iraqi crisis had drawn? 
 – I explained to them in detail in our view, Fahemena very to know the identity of Iraq, that Iraq wants the Americans to deal with it, etc. is the position of the Kurdistan region, and transported them to the position of the region from all aspects; the current crisis and its causes, and I heard them Avrhani and made ​​me a reassuring commitment to the U.S., which was clear, democratic Iraq, pluralistic, federal, and confirmed to me their commitment to Kurdistan and the people of Kurdistan, and this was for me something important, As I explained to them that Iraq is in crisis, and that it needs to be addressed seriously, not a crisis fabricated, but it exists, and you need to be addressed, and this treatment must be backed Iraqi friends of Iraq, it may not have to wait from America or any other country in the world that come and find a solution to the crisis, so I suggested, and I think that President Obama and Vice President Biden, we have been approved the proposal, to meet Iraqi leaders to save the country, but the situation now is not the option, either repair the situation or other options, survival of the situation as it is not our choice at all. Iraq is heading to the disaster, the return to dictatorship, and monopoly power in all state facilities. Is the marginalization of all, as if he were to drop the new regime in Iraq at the hands of a person, while the rest live on the new leader blasts, and this is unacceptable and is not possible. We all fought, all Iraqi political forces struggled and faced the dictatorship of Saddam and made ​​sacrifices in their struggle, may not capture the power at all.

 you going to the option to invite the Iraqi leaders to meet and discuss the crisis, what next? 
– when I come back to Kurdistan, I will invite to the meeting of all Iraqi leaders, in Erbil or anywhere else, it is important that the meeting be held in the presence of all the leaders, to study the situation responsibly, and not to compliment or temporary solutions or relief to the crisis, either radical solutions, or each and every one knows his way. There must be a specific timeframe and short to resolve the crisis, the fact that we are tired of promises and fruitless meetings, the meeting must be serious and decisive, and if they do not respond, there is another interview.

 But Maliki refuses to participate in any meeting carries conditions, which was the reason for the failure of a «national meeting» in Baghdad, do you expect post-Maliki in a meeting called for, you want a critical, open and away from any courtesy? 
– we want a meeting of the dismantling of the crisis, to fix the situation, meeting is not just for the meeting, if Maliki’s refusal to attend the meeting to resolve the problem, we refuse to stay in power. We must be honest, there is no more room for compliments nor diplomacy, either remedy the situation or face a situation can not accept it, in which one person owns all state facilities and act according to his will, and marginalize others, and remain prime minister, this is not acceptable at all.

 What you consider the rise of al-Maliki obsessive figure on the centers of power, who bears the responsibility? Of silent until it has become unacceptable? 
– I carry the responsibility of other powers, rather than carry-Maliki. Kept silent and tolerated this behavior, Maliki began gradually in the concentration of power, while others kept silent, busy side issues that things have come to what we have reached. Now is the Prime Minister, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and I assure you that the military ruler General, and Minister of Defense, Minister of the Interior, Director of Intelligence, and finally asked the Central Bank President appended his organization headed by an independent minister. What is left of the authorities did not concentrating in his hands, and how to be a dictatorship?!

 speak with apprehension about the growth of the Iraqi army, armed, what Akhivkm that? 
 – the Constitution says that the Iraqi army belongs to all people and the balance, and what was supposed to be the number of teams for more than five to six teams, now there are more than 16 band, as well as many of the formations of special forces, all linked to the Office of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, ie, al-Maliki, who oversees the military as well, not the Ministry of Defence and Chief of Staff, nor any military officer is the Office of the Adjutant General, imposed constitutionally that the appointment of any division commander is the approval of Parliament, to ask parliament today, as Chairman and members of the squad leader if one had to be this way constitutional. Any breach of this largest of the Constitution? Then more seriously, that the military is built on the basis of a culture of loyalty to the per person, and this is the disaster, and that there was in the army of think that if access to sophisticated weapons, the aim would be to pay the Kurds outside Irbil and Salah al-Din (the headquarters of the region), this was within the meeting of the General.

 the presence of al-Maliki? 
 – Yes, his presence, and was told that with the F-16 aircraft and tanks advanced we will pay the Kurds outside Erbil, once again, and I have accurate information and confirmed that this was said in the presence of Maliki, who has not rejected a serious talk like that? This should stop the deterioration of the situation in Iraq, and stop these dangerous attempts to restore the dictatorship.

 But Army Chief of Staff and the commander of the Air Force of the Kurds? 
– Yes, but without the powers become effective. Exist by name and without any real effectiveness, whether in the decision-making or in implementation. And disarmament are the powers of the officers constantly Kurds.

 says the parties in favor of the owners, not what you go, they make it an event of the Arab summit in Baghdad, an example that the Kurds have strongly growing in Iraq, the chairman of the summit was President Jalal Talabani, President of the Conference of Arab foreign ministers Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, and even the conference Economic Summit that preceded his trade minister, a Kurd, also? What do you see that? 
 – tell you a story, when he became Sheikh Mahmoud grandson (a historical figure large Kurdish) the property of Kurdistan, after the British decided grant Kurdistan the right to independence, the view of the representative of the British government and told him: His Majesty You are the king and I am advisor, appointments, police and money all I supervised, and other matters from the jurisdiction of His Majesty the King. Sheikh grandson replied: Mr. Chancellor come to be king and I will be a consultant. Maliki is working in a consultant be appointed by corps commanders, not the president knows this, nor the parliament is known, which is what should be his final opinion, hold arms deals billions and no one knows, builds an army of a million people to be his loyalty to the owners of the same without knowing Chairman of Parliament of the Republic and how it’s done. Acting with state funds as he pleases and no one knows, a patent granted to the accused as innocent and accuses the judiciary to follow a simple sign of his office.Here we ask: Who benefits from practically the existence of three Kurds in the presidency of the activities of the Arab summit? Maliki is the topic that was used for its usefulness. 
n talking about losers in Baghdad, was part of a press conference to the President Jmek «Islamic Supreme Council» al-Hakim, who did not respond to your fingertips, which was considered acceptable by. How do we explain this? Is it meant a new alliance between the Kurds and Shiites, but without the Maliki? 
 – alliance exists and even with the party «call», which respect the sacrifices and admire her, we are not at odds with him at all, and some have tried to explain the dispute like a personal, never dispute is over the behavior and the methodology on how governance, whether the ruling Sunni Kurd or a Shiite, I personally do not have any problem with Maliki. The portrayal of the situation that we stand against the Shia, reject it outright, we are allies, the Shiites, we are partners in injustice, and the date of our common struggle is the highest of touch that one. I said, Shiites, who Arafnahm stood with us always, Shia al-Hakim, the Shiite Al martyrs Sadrain (Muhammad Baqir, Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr), and stood with us, and were with us through thick and thin, and we support them in the same trench, and this repeat it now, too. Malicious attempts to find a rift between the Kurds and Shiites, which will not work when one, God willing.

 Based on this, Are you going to establish a new coalition takes no-confidence in the Maliki government in parliament? 
 – I will make every effort to hold a meeting that I referred to him and to find a solution to this crisis, but if you do not get the meeting and each argues under various pretexts, I’m not ready and the people Kurdish is not ready to watching and waiting for the promises sterile. We will have our last decision, and must not be taken this threat or blackmail, I’m serious about this matter: I shall revert to the Kurdish people and Ostftih.

 referendum on Kurdish state? 
– We are trying to rectify the situation in Iraq first, the implementation of what is stated in the Constitution, and determine the controls of the rule and the establishment of a genuine partnership, presence of government ministers is not a partnership, the ministers, officials at al-Maliki, and this is unacceptable, also there is Article 140 ( for resolving the contested areas), oil and gas law, the Peshmerga, and above all commitment to the Constitution, partnership and democracy, and the issuance of rules of procedure regulating the work of the Council of Ministers … Army a very important issue, can not be what it is: a million people armed to be loyal to one person, this major catastrophe, no one is paying attention to it, so I say that if others are willing to fix the situation, they are welcome, either if they are running away and accept the current situation, This is rejected by us and will not be our choice at all. I do not think I could have been clearer than this. Whatever the price can not accept the return of dictatorship to Iraq, and if we fail to stop the dictatorship will not be with Iraq ruled by a dictator.

 the issue of oil and gas, the most important issues, but there are those who say that the dispute it is the cause of the crisis, but it is the result of the warning made ​​by the Iraqi government to the company «Exxon Mobil» American giant of the consequences of signing a contract with you without her knowledge, you pulled the company out of work in Kurdistan? 
– the problem before the advent of «Exxon Mobil», but the oldest of them, To be frank and clear, there are those who stand against the development of the prosperity of Kurdistan, and not a constitutional issue contracts or legality. We have repeatedly said we are committed to the Constitution: the oil and gas belongs to all Iraqi people, in February 2007 agreed on a draft law ratified by the later in Parliament, and become effective, but they changed them and they include a supplement says: If you did not pass this law in the parliament until May of the same year, each party has the right to sign contracts with foreign companies, this agreement between us and al-Maliki, and when it came to production, let’s Oil Minister Hussein al-Shahristani to participate in the opening, especially since the tube is related to Iraqi oil exported via Turkey, but in my opinion to stand against the development of the Kurdistan region and its development least aggressive for aggressive use of chemical weapons and carried out the «Anfal» against the Kurds.Hostility that he himself and the same culture. 
in terms of «Exxon Mobil» … In May 2011 I wrote a letter to al-Maliki told him where the U.S. company requests to negotiate with the region, and this is as I see a big help for Iraq, I hope to be informed and if you have any comments please let me know, and if we got with the company to the final results Vsatalek them, and with the entry negotiations to the critical stages, I sent another letter to the owners and explained to him that we come to the important results with the company and the great good of Iraq, and Ouselna news of it that this actually a good thing for Iraq.

 is not a formal letter? 
– not through an intermediary between us, so, after today, we must all be written and signed agreement, because al-Maliki, with ease, evade the agreement. Suddenly, the Resurrection, remarks provocative, threatening of al-Shahristani, while the government is supposed to be a national partnership, and not al-Shahristani is the government, and does not represent only the Iraqi government, representing only himself, and issues of government determined by discussions within the Council of Ministers, not to appoint Shahristani himself ruler of Iraq. This brings us to the question: half a trillion dollars (500 billion) income to budget for Iraq since 2003 until now, where did this money, and shall be spent where it went? There are documents in the looting of state funds and the people, but we remained silent on all these issues, and now must be to keep the people on all these facts. When threatened this company or that because of the work in Kurdistan, it is not acceptable, as it is not acceptable to act as if al-Shahristani and Kurdish subsidiary. From here you said that the rulers in Baghdad failures and I say again here: How much are the hours that link the electricity to the Iraqi citizens?

 Shahristani accuse the authorities of the Kurdistan region of smuggling oil? 
 – I asked for the formation of a joint committee of the federal parliament and Kurdistan parliament to investigate allegations of al-Shahristani, Iraq at the level of achievement as a whole, what happens to the oil sector? What are the achievements? Where did the more than twenty billion dollars of electricity? Shahristani to know that he will not governs the Kurdistan according to his will, for this is not clear. 
n politicians and observers say that al-Shahristani, a response like a deliberately hostile to you, your experience so as not to be a catalyst for a response in neighboring countries? Does this mean that he represents a particular agenda? 
– Yes Shahristani hostile to the Kurds, and has an agenda in this position hostile to us in the form of Travel, but do not accuse the implementation of Agenda for the external party.

 but when there is a press conference in Baghdad, a deputy prime minister and to his part, Iraqi Oil Minister, you could be driven to implement his agenda without the knowledge of his direct supervisor, that Prime Minister al-Maliki, in accusing the region of smuggling oil and inflict Iraq loss of about $ 5 billion? 
– Yes, it was with the consent of al-Maliki and his blessing, we have no doubt that it was encouraging al-Maliki. He says that he always carried out the policy of the state? What does this mean? Any state? Does this mean that the others served to them? They are part of the government, not the government?

 Do in Washington ended the contract with «Exxon Mobil» to confirm? 
 – certainly I met the President of the company, and is committed to the agreement with us or the health of the rumors about the cancellation of the contract under the influence of the threat of the Iraqi central government and have developed our relationship with them.

 to return to the political crisis: Who are the parties that will deepen Barzani, his alliance with her ​​in his decision to confront what he calls the dictatorship of Maliki? 
 – say each believer in democracy, federalism, co-existence and acceptance of others, we are allies, whatever their national or sectarian, in the task of addressing the return of dictatorship to Iraq.

 Not far from this conflict «sectarian» comes the issue of the establishment of Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi accused of supporting terrorism in Kurdistan, you become Hashemi, a burden to you? 
– First this is not our problem, Hashemi, Vice President of the Republic and to date has been convicted, al-Maliki himself says that he has files Since several years the right-Hashimi, why it covered? Why he was allowed to come to Kurdistan? I say again the problem is not my problem, but with the arrival of man to the region, it seemed as if everyone Atakbh a fugitive, while I take on his protection. Why they let him out of Baghdad? Why ask me to arrest him as they did not do it and men among them? I am not defending al-Hashemi, I defend the principle of partnership, you can be as easy as hitting partner is a host of other political bloc and the other? Then for any spend talking about?Judiciary, which transforms the innocent accused signal is simple, and accuse the innocent in the same way? I no longer trust this judiciary, a judiciary is not independent and politically motivated and trajectory. For that matter, even if they said was a judicial, judiciary lost credibility. With this and get out of this impasse and get out of this embarrassment that we signed when we all suggested that the three presidencies, and the President of the Iraqi List, the meeting and make a decision: the man arrested? Result in out of the country? Remain in the territory of Kurdistan? Innocent? Accused? Move his court to Kirkuk? … Are all rejected! Then, if the accused asserting, why send a signal to Maliki: facilitated his mission to escape to Turkey? This Astvzna to the fullest extent. This was considered an insult to very large. Hashemi, a free, do not ask him to leave and was arrested by Kurdistan and refuse to return to Kurdistan if they decided to return. I have no topic, do not want to show as if I was the only one who violates the law and they all seek to apply it. Maliki knows very well what it means to host the Kurdistan people resort to it, he was in the region and the biggest honor of Kurdistan to be a stronghold for the Iraqis free and will remain so.As for al-Hashemi, for presidencies to take a decision and then implement it I would welcome whatever, but I refuse my load of responsibility in the delivery man, because the problem is not my problem but their problem.