Banking offices in Iraq .. Absent control and attended the chaos

Small-sized offices, but its role in the economy exceeds that size hundreds of times those deployed in abundance in all parts of Kurdistan region and specifically in Erbil .. That is because of its dealings in foreign currency of various nationalities, especially “Lord of the currency” dollar ..

But the question here is the level of control governing these offices by the authorities to prevent the so-called money laundering ..

Solomon says Hazh Member of Parliament of the Kurdistan region:

We see the escalation and compromise in a large stock in the province of Kurdistan, which deals with banking offices in my opinion, I do not see there any control and it is our duty as parliamentarians to put pressure on the government to have control over these offices.

He continues, d. Aras is able / Chairman of the Center for Strategic Studies of the Kurdistan region:

If we came in terms of money laundering and suspicious transactions to Dtasir according to my information that the operations carried out through transfers and transfers are not subject to control of the required level therefore there is much room for manipulation and money laundering.

He adds d. Morning Barzanji member of the Islamist group in the Parliament of the Kurdistan region

Supposed to have a law against money laundering and banks must adhere to banking secrecy and money laundering, but even developed countries did not survive the networks that smuggle hard currency, but the political situation in Iraq does not improve what you can not predict improvement with respect to banks.

Some workers in the shops they pass a banking smuggling money at the same time demanding the government to inspect what is going on in this office operations detrimental to the interests of the citizens ..

Karwan says workers at the place of banking:

Of course, volatility in prices means that there are operations to smuggle the money or the like operations do not know it there are offices for banking or money orders to do the job that the employee is the first victim of the poor from the high price of the currency we ask the government to inspect these things.

He says the citizen Hlkurd Massoud:

The first victim is the Iraqi citizen on the issue of volatility in the price of the currency and due to lack of control of the Iraqi government for what is happening than a rise in the exchange rate and decline and also the lack of control the Iraqi Central Bank to the same topic for the day is this region in general refuge for mafias so-called money laundering and the through the government that facilitated things for them through banks and banking offices.

He concludes citizen Abdullah Dashti

Influenced by a definite policy on the dollar and the price of the Iraqi currency against the dollar.

Not to monitor the work of banking offices by the central bank and the security situation is stable as well as the preoccupation with politicians in the internal conflicts of factors helped to increase the activity of mafia money laundering in these offices, especially after the exposure of some neighboring countries to tensions economic made them dependent on Iraq as an outlet for hard currency and smuggled into the those countries ..