Ban Ki-moon warns of new security deterioration in Iraq, if not solve political problems

Monday April 9, 2012

The Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, that the security situation in Iraq may be exposed to degradation from new if it is not to find solutions to political problems in the country, and called on Iraqi leaders to redouble their efforts and work in a spirit of national success of the National Congress, while stressing at the same time to find solutions to the issue of internal borders of the governorates of Iraq is critical for the stability of the situation in the country. Said Ban Ki-moon in… remarks cited by the second periodic report submitted by the United Nations Mission in Iraq to the UN Security Council under resolution 2001 in 2011, and received “Alsumaria News,” a copy of it, “Iraq’s leaders operate in a spirit of national unity to ensure a peaceful future bright the country. ”

He added that “the current political situation highlights the many outstanding issues that remain to be resolved to achieve national reconciliation”, stressing said, “I am afraid that if not addressed these issues in a meaningful way, through an inclusive dialogue, it may lead to renewed political tensions may affect negatively on the security situation in the country. ”

He continued that “The National Congress proposed by President Jalal Talabani, is an important opportunity to end the current stalemate and begin a dialogue that can address the political differences remaining,” calling on “all leaders to redouble efforts for the success of the conference and ensure to take place in a spirit of consensus and partnership.”

The head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Osama Najafi said, in April 4, 2012, the National Congress, which defined by President Jalal Talabani held on the fifth of April 2012, “will not hold,” attributing the cause to the widening differences between the political blocs, but President Jalal Talabani called , (April 5, 2012), the Preparatory Committee to intensify efforts to reach understandings and to determine a new date for meeting the national political forces calling for not imposing preconditions, while the description of the positions of some parties to “negative” that led to the postponement of the meeting.