Baghdad announces allocation trillion and 600 billion dinars have a budget for 2012

26/02/2012 13:51

Salah Abdul RazzaqBaghdad, February 26 (Rn) – The province of Baghdad, Sunday, has made ​​a trillion and 600 billion dinars, the budget during the year 2012, noting that the delay in adoption of the budget will affect the completion of projects planned since last year. The governor of Baghdad Salah Abdul Razzaq at a conference press conference building, maintaining that “after the budget is passed by the House of Representatives has been allocated trillion and 327 billion dinars as a counterbalance to the province of Baghdad in 2012,” noting by saying “We asked the Ministry of Finance to increase the amount as arrived trillion and 600 billion dinars.” said Abdul Razak that “despite of the increase in the budget of the provinces, but it came too late, and this will affect the process of completing projects scheduled for completion this year. “he said,” was supposed to News provinces Bmoisntha since last year in order to start drawing charts of the projects, considering that plans need to be a long time not perfection ” .criticized Abdul Razzaq complexity of competences between ministries and local governments, stressing that “this overlap is behind confuse the work,” noting that “it is supposed to give powers to local governments and decentralization of decisions in the federal government only in order to complete the projects and the completion of the routine, the killer of the ministries.”said Abdul Razak said that “the powers granted to some provinces are only to freeze the crisis is not over and there are many laws frozen can not work out.” The Iraqi Council of Representatives has approved during its meeting held last Thursday on the budget year 2012 and that of 117 trillion Iraqi dinars. of : weigh-Shammari, the Open: the fulfillment Zangana