Australian Ambassador announced her country’s support for Iraq out of Chapter VII

27/02/2012 12:53

London SachsKarbala, February 27 (aka News) confirmed the Australian ambassador to Baghdad said on Monday that her country’s support for the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII, pointing out that had come to Karbala to discuss investment opportunities.Noting the governor of Karbala that his province is attractive to investors and there are more visits to the ambassadors of several countries. Britain says Sachs said in a statement to reporters during her visit to the city of Karbala on Monday that “Australia strongly supports the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII, especially as it applied all of its obligations by UN Security Council and the United Nations. ”  and added that “her good relations with Iraq in particular has received the largest Iraqi communities during their migration from the country during the former regime who are currently residing in Australia and have good jobs,” the Avcth that “a visit to Karbala came to find out the investment opportunities that can be obtained to maintain, even if there was some concern shown by Australian companies of the unstable security situation, and we are through this visit, we want to stand on many things to get to know them closely, including the security situation of the province of Karbala. ” and said Sachs, “Many of the companies Australia would like to enter the market Karbala investment, including agricultural companies specializing in strategic crops on the basis that Australia is a nation leader in the field of agriculture, especially desert farming. In the province of Karbala, there are large areas of the land that can be good opportunities to develop them. ” For his part, pointed out Governor of Karbala that “the visit the Ambassador of Australia to

the province came to discuss the formation of joint committees and twinning between our province and some areas in Australia, particularly with regard to the opening of banks to the private sector, and the adoption of agricultural projects are promising, indicating that the province of Karbala is a city attractive to investors. He hopes Religion glorious cat during a press conference that “many of the ambassadors of European countries want to visit our province to see the projects that can be obtained. The’ve met before that Ambassador to the Czech Republic, as there are future visits unexpected are in this area. ” He said the cat, “The fear of the security situation in Iraq is not true considering that many of the provinces of Iraq, including Karbala, enjoy the security situation stable.” pointing out that “the visit Ambassador of Australia to include some of the province of the important tourist places along with access to investment opportunities in the field. “From: Digger Hassoun, the Open: Fadi Zeidan