Ankara: a second security meeting Erdogan to discuss the implications of the plane dropping Syria Gul of Turkey

Ankara: a second security meeting Erdogan to discuss the implications of the plane dropping Syria Gul of Turkey and the consequences looms
Editor: OT Saturday 23 حزيران 2012 15:41 GMT

Alsumaria News / Beirut , according to Turkish media Saturday that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a security meeting secondly with senior officials today to discuss the implications of dropping Syria Turkish plane on Friday, as quoted Turkish President Abdullah Gul as saying that “all that needs to be done in the wake of the incident will be taken. ” The media said Saturday, Erdogan held a security meeting secondly with senior officials today to discuss the implications of dropping Syria Turkish military aircraft on Friday (June 22, 2012) at the meeting was the second Prime Minister in this regard in less than 24 hours, and in the Following a separate meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and senior commanders in the army. Erdogan was returning from a summit in Brazil, called for a meeting of a security emergency on his return to Ankara, his office said in a statement that Ankara “will act decisively when you see the details,” stressing that “the F-4 Lost Friday off the coast of Syria the Damascus shooting down in the accident may have serious implications in light of the current situation in Syria. ” In the same context I talked media Saturday, for a meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu leaders of the Turkish army and the intelligence chief to discuss steps that can be taken after the fall of Syria of the plane of the Turkish military. It quoted the Foreign Ministry as saying that the meeting with the leadership of the army lasted two hours and was attended by Deputy Chief of Staff and leaders of senior military and head of national intelligence, who also discussed the search for pilots missing, without giving further details. The Turkish army announced that he lost contact with one of its planes of the model F-4 off the southern coast of Turkey near Syria on Friday morning (June 22, 2012), and recognized the Damascus later that they brought down the plane. quoted “agency Anatolia reported,” President Abdullah Gul as saying on Saturday also said he “does not can ignore the fact that Syria shot down a Turkish fighter, “he said in a press statement from the city of Kayseri that” all that needs to be done in the wake of the incident will be taken. ” said the Turkish President that he “can not cover up a command such as this and all that needs to be done will be made,” noting that “It typically reflect the aircraft flying at high speed limits for a short distance.” The Ghoul “The investigation will be conducted over the incident to see if the plane was shot down in the airspace of Turkey,” as indicated media, while noting that Ankara “has conducted a telephone conversation with Damascus and that a search for the aircraft and the pilots of the missing are still under way. ” The Turkish media said the plane that dropped are of type “4 Phantom”, a fighter can also conducting a poll, television quoted Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc Saturday as saying that “the the plane that dropped Syria the day before, were not a military aircraft, but a reconnaissance aircraft. ” Syria has said that the plane was flying at low altitude within the territorial waters of the Syrian, when dropped, said a spokesman for the Syrian army Friday (June 22, 2012) bring down the Turkish plane “Having entered the field Syrian air, “he said, adding that it” crashed into the sea in the territorial waters Syria, about 60 km from the province of Latakia. ” It is said that the incident occurred the day after publication of the newspaper “New York Times,” Information about the presence of elements of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CNN. Aye. A. ) on the Turkish territory to control arms shipments provided by Turkey and Arab countries to the Syrian opposition, but Ankara denied this information. and calls for Turkey, which was the political and economic partner for Syria, and sharing with them the limits over a length 900 km, step down President Bashar al-Assad, will host on its territory, about 32 000 refugees Syrian soldiers, dissidents belonging to the “Army of Syria free”, and receives also the political opposition in Syria. stands Syria on the brink of civil war through the daily battles between the regular army and the various opposition groups, after over a year of demonstrations anti-government began on 15 March 2011 to raise the demands of the reform and democracy and ended claim to drop the system after and were violently bloody unprecedented by Syrian security forces and what is known as “Cbihh”, resulting in even today about the fall of more than 15 thousand people, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, while exceeding the number of detainees in Syrian prisons background of the protests of the 25 thousand detainees, according to the observatory, as well as hundreds of thousands of refugees and displaced persons and missing persons. presents the Damascus regime to pack a variety of sanctions, Arab and international participation of Turkey, is also growing pressure on Assad to step down from office, but that the protection of political and diplomatic progress has Russia and China, which resorted to use the veto power twice against any resolution condemning the violent practices of the Syrian regime has exacerbated the internal conflict in an unprecedented way. Relations Syrian – Turkish deteriorated rapidly Atno.a popular uprising with violence by the security forces of order, prompting Turkey to sever its ties with President Bashar al-Assad and to withdraw its ambassador from Damascus, and has repeatedly called for Assad to step down from power. In April 2012 announced Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is the Prime Minister of the only Muslim member of NATO, said that his country could resort to Article V of the Treaty of Alliance for the protection of its borders with Syria after increased incidents of firing of Syrian troops fire inside Turkish territory. and Section V of the North Atlantic Treaty states that “in the event that any member of the NATO aggression, all the members are forced to consider this attack against them all and consequently they must take the necessary measures to help the country which has been of aggression. ”
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