And insiders’ published details of the final minutes of the execution of Saddam Hussein

Posted 16/03/2012 02:23 AM

BAGHDAD – Babinaoz (Reuters) – published the Wikileaks documents Khvaya the last moments of Saddam Hussein’s execution, and view the site ‘and insiders’ document dating back to 2007, showing the details of a meeting between former U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad, the public prosecutor in the High Criminal Court, the savior of Pharaoh , in which he requested further explanation of what happened during the execution of former Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein, and the accompanying recordings and cheers led to embarrass the United States, especially since the death coincided with the Eid al-Adha, an individual unless Pharaoh offer detailed for a moment Saddam years, with confirmation to obtain a fatwa authorizing execution . And the movement document from Pharaoh, saying he felt a kind of (kindness) on Saddam at the sight of the end of December / December in the hall of death, and said that the former Iraqi president was hooded and handcuffed and trembling are involuntary, but when he spoke it seemed as if he ‘still believes himself president. ‘ And Pharaoh said to Khalilzad, said he saw at least two of the officials take pictures by their mobile phones to attend the execution, even though it was forbidden, and added that he had asked the audience to remain silent, and that the clerics told him he could walk to death, which occurred at dawn because the Eid al-Adha will not solve before sunrise. Khalilzad greeted the family of Pharaoh for his courage in the implementation of justice and the trial of Saddam, but pointed out that accompanied the death penalty ‘distorted’ all that preceded it. and told Pharaoh how to go with 14 government officials, including National Security Advisor Al-Rubaie, to the location of Saddam’s execution by helicopter, and subjected to strict inspection of the elements of the U.S. military who confiscated their mobile phones, note that the elements of America did not enter the hall of death. denied the Pharaoh’s knowledge of the arrival of another group of people who attended the execution in a minibus, whether or not document has been pointed out that the Iraqi side, instead of several times the names of the list was of the witnesses alleged execution. According to the Pharaoh, it has been introduced Saddam to the hall, stood with him to read the death sentence upon, provide spring to Saddam and asked him whether he was afraid, Saddam replied in the negative, saying that he had expected this moment since he came to power because he knew that he had a lot of enemies. The Pharaoh that Saddam was executed in the same location that was used by the former Iraqi regime for the execution of the elements of the Shiite Dawa party, so he Khalilzad Asked if the executioners of elements of the Mehdi Army of Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, the individual Iraqi judge that his information indicates that they are from a prison guard. The Pharaoh then the guards they tied Saddam from his feet, objected to the latter that it would not be allowed to climb on the steps of the gallows, the individual Guard it by saying ‘go to hell’ intervened Pharaoh, saying it would not allow the guards or witnesses to speak, but he added that he saw in this moment, two government officials taking pictures via their mobile phones. continued Pharaoh, saying: ‘During the recitation of Saddam Adeith Last, the One of the audience and shouted Moqtada Moqtada, I raised my voice asking him to silence, and this did not impede the penalty and won only once, and died of Saddam on the spot, and was placed in a bag to transport the bodies and the cleric certainly wash his body according to Islamic teachings. ‘ When asked further whether The method of execution has led to anger the many replies of Pharaoh, saying that Saddam killed thousands, and there are those who would use what happened in his execution to challenge his trial, calling for taking into account the reality that there are Iraqis felt happy to try the former president. The execution of Saddam the end of 2006 has raised a lot of protests, having been leaked a video of the process emerged in which what he described as the world media as ‘manifestations of revenge’ looked through chants of Muqtada al-Sadr by a group of attendees, it was reported the former president on them during the hanging. Later, it was leaked recording another showing a crowd of gunmen who were celebrating the execution of Saddam with chants of religious character, and the gunmen later in the lift of Pharaoh himself on the shoulders greet him, and he is cheering their participation.