An Iraqi port achieves the highest financial revenues within months

An Iraqi port achieves the highest financial revenues within months

02/26/2021 17:20:49

An Iraqi port achieves the highest financial revenues within months{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Ministry of Transport / The General Company for Iraqi Ports announced that Khor Al-Zubair Port has achieved good financial revenues compared to previous months, as the port berths received a large number of oil tankers working for the SOMO company to export oil derivatives, in addition to receiving commercial ships loaded with materials Miscellaneous.

The General Director of the General Company for Ports of Iraq, Farhan Muhaisen Al-Fartousi, stated in a statement that the Euphrates News Agency received a copy of it today that the increase in revenues came with the directions of the Minister of Transport, Captain Nasser Hussein Al-Shibli, to increase the work capacity in the ports and make it a tributary of the national economy, explaining that the port of Khor Al-Zubair is witnessing An active commercial movement despite the circumstances of the Corona pandemic and its impact on the situation in general, and the port’s activity was to load oil tankers and receive commercial vessels with various materials on board.

In a related context, the port’s director, Ahmed Jassim Al-Asadi, affirmed that the port has not stopped despite the pandemic and that the port cadres are continuing their work and are committed to implementing prevention measures and the directives of the Ministry of Health.
Pointing out that the coming days will witness a greater movement in the mooring and takeoff of ships from the docks of the port, which will increase its monthly revenues.

For his part, Director of Shipping and Discharging at Khor Al-Zubair Port, Mithil Abd Ali, said: This active commercial movement witnessed by the port came with the efforts of our cadres and the parties supporting us, pointing out that improving the depths in the navigation channel allowed the entry of large and medium carriers as well as the entry of new berths for service, including the berth 12 As well as organizing the working hours and making it 24 hours while creating an atmosphere of understanding and familiarity between workers and companies operating in the port.