An economist warns of a “scenario” that will limit the Iraqi economy

An economist warns of a “scenario” that will limit the Iraqi economy

07/25 2020 13:22

An economist warns of a scenario that will limit the Iraqi economyBaghdad today – Diyala

The economic expert, Rasim al-Akidi, warned today, Saturday, of a scenario that is being adopted by neighboring countries to obtain the dollar from Iraq, while he indicated that this scenario contributes to restricting the Iraqi economy to foreign policies.

Al-Aqidi said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that “most neighboring countries adopt a similar scenario for several years, which is the payment of Iraqi merchants to pay money to buy their goods in dinars.”

The economist pointed out that “these countries currently possess at least 35% of the Iraqi monetary block, and this is extremely dangerous.”

He added, “Countries are investing their Iraqi monetary block in buying dollars through auctions from the central bank, through private banks.”

He pointed out that “this scenario is not being talked about, and there are many parties that turn a blind eye to him despite his danger in transferring hard currencies abroad,” explaining that “the Iraqi economy will be restricted to foreign policies.”