An American magazine reveals the “shadow government” in the United States

An American magazine reveals the “shadow government” in the United States

2022-11-04 22:53

An American magazine reveals the shadow government in the United States Shafaq News/ Commentator “Brian Kamenker” saw in an article in the American Thinker magazine, that Joe Biden’s actions as president of the United States only indicate that the billionaire George Soros in particular runs America through the networks of his organizations.

According to the article, Biden, who usually forgets names and suffers from “obvious dementia”, cannot independently sign “dozens of very extreme decrees” that have caused “devastating inflation”, immigration and energy crises and “terrifying” citizens.

The article added: “Everything points to the involvement of the Soros network of foundations in this. The people there are very smart and experienced, they hate America with a passion, they have aimed for it for decades, and they have access to unspeakable wealth and influence. They are more than capable of Organize all of the above.

According to the author of the article, Biden became president thanks to a large-scale coordinated effort aimed at undermining the American electoral process, during which billions of dollars and the most powerful American companies and political organizations were used.

“Looking at what’s happening now, and drawing lessons from the past, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we are all passengers of a train rushing to hell. If we don’t stop it soon, there will be no turning back,” he said.