“America is collapsing and Putin is laughing at Biden and Beijing has paid 10 trillion.” Trump launches an attack on several fronts

“America is collapsing and Putin is laughing at Biden and Beijing has paid 10 trillion.” Trump launches an attack on several fronts


America is collapsing and Putin is laughing at Biden and Beijing has paid 10 trillion -  Trump launches an attack on several frontsFormer US President Donald Trump launched a violent attack on the policies of his successor, Joe Biden, at home and abroad, and demanded that China pay 10 trillion dollars in compensation for the world’s losses as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a speech he delivered on Saturday evening at the Republican Party convention in North Carolina, Trump considered that the United States is collapsing under the Biden administration, and said: “As we meet here today, our country is being destroyed before our eyes. Crime is increasing, police departments are torn, and they suffer from a shortage. financing”.

Trump again accused Democrats of rigging the presidential election and said he was “trying to save democracy.”

Trump said his administration “stopped the endless wars” in Iraq, Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan by reducing the number of US troops there.

The former US president criticized a criminal investigation against him by the Office of the Attorney General in New York, describing it as the latest attempt by Democrats to bring him down, and a “crusade” that the prosecution is waging against him for political motives.

Trump also hinted at his intention to run for the next presidential election in 2024, saying he was looking forward to that year, while Trump advisers say he is looking into the possibility of organizing another presidential campaign.

Corona and China

Trump joined a group of Republican politicians criticizing US infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci over his handling of the Corona epidemic, including his call for Americans to wear masks to prevent the virus, which has at times questioned the theory that Corona emerged from a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Trump described Fauci as “not a great doctor but an expert in promotion” for his frequent appearances on television, and added: “He was wrong on almost every issue, and in Wuhan and the lab too.”

Trump called on China to pay ten trillion dollars in compensation to the United States and the world due to the virus, and said that the countries of the world should cancel their debts to Beijing, and also called for the need for his country to impose 100% customs duties on all goods and commodities coming from China.

They laugh at us and insult our country.

With regard to foreign policy, Trump described the cyber attacks against his country as an expression of disrespect for the United States and its leaders,” without pointing the finger of accusation at any specific country.

He denounced Biden’s decision to return to the Paris climate agreement, describing the move as a “terrible deal… that destroys jobs” and that it “is in the interests of China and Russia and goes against the interests of the United States and will cost them trillions of dollars annually.”

Trump also accused Biden of “allowing” Russia to complete the construction of the “North Stream-2″ gas pipeline.

“And now the Chinese negotiators and Russian President Putin are openly laughing at Biden,” he said. “They mock him and insult our country.”

Trump’s comments come days before the summit meeting that will bring together Putin and Biden in Geneva on June 16.