Alabtan: The Central Bank is facing a fierce attack


Straight up e-Muhannad David

The Central Bank intends to transfer an auction sale of hard currency to government commercial bank, the fact that the auction does not fall within its competence, raising the ire of a number of financial experts, parliamentarians and government banks because the technology is not qualified and can not maintain the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar.

Said Abdul Hussein Alabtan member of the Committee: The delivery of the auction to a government bank would increase the value of the dinar against the U.S. dollar level can not be controlled, would hurt citizens by increasing prices in the domestic market
The Yasiri: The Central Bank is in crisis due to increased demand for the dollar, making him take the complex procedures forced the speculators to buy it from banking offices located on the black market.

There is fear of depletion of foreign currency the central bank as a result went to sell it, especially since it comes from oil, the only source of income of the state, but that money must be invested in other projects are a lot of money to the people
 decision to abandon a central bank to commercial banks may have come as a result of his inability to save the value of the dinar against foreign currency again. “

And continued a member Abtan: The central bank faced “fierce attack” on the hard currency as a result of disorders suffered by Iraq’s neighbors like Syria and Iran, where the depletion of foreign currency by these states due to poor control of border crossings.