Al-Muttalib: The “President’s Chair” Auction Starts With “150 Million Dollars.” Who Will Buy And Increase?

Al-Muttalib: The “President’s Chair” Auction Starts With “150 Million Dollars.” Who Will Buy And Increase?

03/22/2022 | 5:35 PM

Al-Muttalib - The Presidents Chair Auction Starts With 150 Million Dollars - Who Will Buy And IncreaseInformation / special

Independent politician Saad Al-Mutalibi revealed, on Tuesday, the presence of a second Kurdish company that entered the line of bargaining for the position of President of the Republic, stressing that the company seeks to buy votes from within the tripartite alliance to strengthen the ranks of Barham Salih.

Al-Mutalibi said in a statement to the Information Agency, that “after the Kurdish company Karr’s support for the Kurdistan Democratic Party candidate, Reber Ahmed, another Kurdish company entered the line, allocating an amount of $150 million also to strengthen the ranks of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan candidate Barham Salih by buying votes from within. Triple Alliance.

He added that “the Kurdish company, which entered the line of encouragement with $150 million, went towards the deputies and members of the Triple Alliance to buy their votes to strengthen the ranks of the National Union candidate, Barham Salih.”

He pointed out that “the position of the President of the Republic has become a trade for Kurdish investment companies that seek to acquire the position and benefit from it in the future.”

And political analyst Kazem Al-Hajj said in a previous statement to “Al-Maalouma”, that “the issue of temptations presented to independent MPs or MPs originally affiliated with political blocs is still ongoing and there are large financial allocations, as the Kurdish (KAR) company, which works in the oil field, allocated an amount of (150)”. One million US dollars in order to lure independent representatives and pass the Democratic Party candidate.” Ended 25 and