Al-Abadi reveals the fact that he was nominated for prime minister by Mr. Sadr and Al-Kazemi’s position on this matter {expanded}

Al-Abadi reveals the fact that he was nominated for prime minister by Mr. Sadr and Al-Kazemi’s position on this matter {expanded}

05/12/2020 01:43:24

Al-Abadi reveals the fact that he was nominated for prime minister by Mr Sadr and Al-Kazemis position on this matter(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The leader of the victory coalition and former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi revealed the fact that he was nominated for prime minister by the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, and the position of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi on this matter.
“We congratulate all Iraqis on the transition to a new government after it was a caretaker government in which things were managed from bad to worse,” Abadi said in an interview with the “Calos” program broadcast by the satellite channel, “Al-Furat”. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi and the release of the demonstrators were good steps and were among Kazemi’s promises. ”

Concerning the previous government, Al-Abadi indicated that “we were not part of the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi, but we supported it as we did with Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, Adnan Al-Zarfi and Al-Kazemi. We are with the support of the state and will not remain standing in the face of major challenges.”

And that “the charge of standing with the Americans was not standing during the days of ISIS and behind these accusations were well-known parties and this is part of the policy of treachery and this is the characteristic of the first to send the Baathists who were the first to launch the character of treason against those who do not agree with them I am neither the friend of the Americans nor their creativity and the American side Or others are looking for their interests in the end, “pointing out that” part of our neutral relationship with America was to serve Iraq and in the world of politics there is no black and white and it must be flexible. ”

Regarding the American-Iranian differences, Al-Abadi stressed that “the Iranians sought rapprochement with America during the ISIS war, and after the war each party, whether the Americans or Iran, returned to their differences with evidence of America’s withdrawal from the nuclear agreement,” noting that “ISIS was a real threat to Kurdistan and almost changed the map of the region.” .

Regarding his opinion of the new government, Al-Abadi stressed: “I am with the ministerial support of professional political figures and it is a mistake that some party blocs wanted to bring in personalities on the pretext of technocrats, but for the purposes of their own partisan party.” Politician”.

He added: “In the Al-Kazemi government, I saw a lot of independence. After the Eid, most of its ministers will pass, and the division of Al-Kazemi’s ministries was done on the basis of components, but there are professional ministers.”

Al-Abadi continued: “Al-Kazemi’s transitional government prepares for the elections, and the independence of the commission must be guaranteed and the selection of judges to manage it is a big mistake. I hope that this matter will be changed because it is illegal. These judges should resign and refer them to retirement and choose another commission.”

He pointed out that “Al-Kazemi from the beginning announced that he would choose the Minister of the Interior and Defense himself and would not accept to interfere in this matter and he followed a clear and wise policy and his rule was applied to everyone.” Also”.

Concerning economic problems and falling oil prices, Abadi saw that “two problems for oil are the global recession and our expenditures, and before the fall in oil prices we had a large deficit and near bankruptcy where the budget deficit was approximately 52 trillion dinars despite the high oil prices at that time and now the oil is up to $ 25 and the previous government did not The oil companies’ dues will be paid in the first quarter of this year. ”

He pointed out that “since 2017 the government pays the farmers’ dues directly after marketing the outcome and when Abdel-Mahdi took over the prime minister, all farmers ’entitlements were paid,” noting that “the farmer is an economic value for the country because he produces and operates manpower and does not cost the state anything and if this cycle stops the economy will stop So stimulating this will produce a lot for the country. ”

He explained that “the government of Abdul Mahdi brought the economic situation to collapse and today we are facing a real problem and we need approximately 4 billion dollars a month to cover the expenses of salaries and retirement. The salaries of the new recruits were not covered, and Iraq’s revenue for the past month is less than 1.5 billion dollars, which means that there is a large deficit in Payroll insurance. There are other things, such as the ration card and the second operational matters.

Al-Abadi added: “There are old debts on Iraq, and I only say that God was with the help of the current government because of the suffocating economic crises.”

Regarding the treatments, Al-Abadi said: “When we started with real reforms, the world stood by Iraq, and the topic today is greater and needs real policy. In the war against ISIS, the world was with Iraq, but today we are busy with Corona and the international community did not help us except when we started achieving victories and reforms.”

He added that “Turkey and Iran are heading to float their currency now and floating the currency produces inflation and raises prices that harm the low-income, as well as printing the currency is one of the options of the current government with reducing spending”, noting that “reducing the value of the Iraqi dinar raises the price of imported goods and supports the local product and thus we encourage the local industry.”

He explained that “the previous government was unable to pay salaries in the first month of the crisis and we may face a crisis during the next month,” noting that “I am not against borrowing but I am against political borrowing in the sense of borrowing in order to pay a month to solve the crisis only and leave what is possible after that,” And the previous government committed a crime by paying the salaries of the last month by borrowing, and people must be told with the difficult economic reality. ”

Al-Abadi stressed that “one of the solutions is that the international financial institutions stand with you, but these people do not lend or support the failed ones. They want sound and correct measures to develop your economy so that they support you. He is not a friend, he has interests with you.”

He continued, “Iraq does not bear the responsibility of flooding the oil market. In the visit of the OPEC President and the Saudi Oil Minister, we reduced production and raised the price. In the past, we reduced a deliberate reduction, raising oil prices and entering double money for us, but now it is difficult because of Corona.”

On his meeting with the Saudi Crown Prince in the Hajj, he stated that “I exchanged a discussion with Muhammad bin Salman about the situation in the region and the world, and I understood from him that they are not willing to escalate or war with Iran,” stressing that “the Saudis confirmed that their relationship with Iraq is not at the expense of Iraq’s relationship with Iran. ”

Regarding Al-Kazemi’s ability to lead the stage, Al-Abadi said, “Al-Kazemi dealt professionally in the intelligence service’s relationship with the rest of the countries. I hope that he maintains professional relations between Iraq and the rest of the countries. I imagine that there is an intention to support and support him.”

He added that “the administration of the intelligence apparatus differs from the state administration, and it must give Al-Kazemi the opportunity and take measures and decisions during the next few period, and he is facing a new political phase in which the most difficult dealing with the political blocs is difficult.”

Regarding Al-Kazemi’s call with his brother, Al-Abadi asserted that it “reflects a message that relatives do not interfere with the work of the state in this public aspect. As for the private part, Al-Kazemi appreciates it, and it appears that the video is irregular and is not known to be directed by Al-Kazemi.”

He pointed out that “we did not criticize Abdul-Mahdi until after the demonstrators were killed and because I defended the demonstrators, they accused me of being behind the demonstrations.”

Al-Abadi talked about the alleged message from the American ambassador to the head of the State of Law Nuri al-Maliki, saying: “I do not know the authenticity of America’s message to Maliki, and I or any of the other blocs did not receive any message from the Americans and the message that arrived to the owners is not signed by the ambassador, and it has many meanings perhaps Not issued by the ambassador and perhaps left by other parties and the language that I saw in the message is not usual, “indicating that” the American official position often does not interfere in the affairs of states and there is a certain defect in the subject of the American message to the owners.

Al-Abadi pointed out that “Al-Kazemi confirms that he will not be nominated for the upcoming elections. People no longer trust the political system and the only elections in my government that did not result in a security breach and the burning of funds bears the responsibility of the commission. The political blocs divided the previous commission among them and it was a bad commission.”

He stressed that the leader of the Sadr movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, “nominated me to the prime minister and Al-Kazemi told me that I will not run for prime minister if you are the competitor and I refused to run,” noting that “the exhaustion of some blocks of all papers led to the nomination of Al-Kazemi.”

Al-Abadi explained that “the demonstrations of the Iraqi street led to the resignation of the government for the first time since 2003,” noting that “the former commander of the Quds Force Qassem Soleimani differs from his successor (Ismail Qani) that his relations in Iraq are wide with factions and party leaders. On Iraqi affairs, and he indicated that he would support the options of Iraqis. ”

He pointed out that “America’s interest in Iraq is weak to a large extent”, calling for “opening a real dialogue with them and the exit of America from Iraq is settled, but we need another arrangement in training and armament, and terrorism still exists.”

On the issue of the popular crowd, he stressed that “the independence of part of the crowd is not part of the contexts of the state, and it is not the right of Abdul Mahdi to establish an armed formation that links them to it. The problem of the leadership of the crowd should have been resolved by making professional leadership and not party leadership. is over

Mohammed Al-Marsoumi