A banknote of fifty Iraqi dinars must be printed

A banknote of fifty Iraqi dinars must be printed


A banknote of fifty Iraqi dinars must be printedAsaad Abdullah Abd Ali
It was necessary to print currencies in denominations less than two hundred and fifty dinars, which is considered the lowest currency, in order for the prices of simple needs, such as vegetables, transportation wages, and market goods prices to fall, and these matters are very important to society, because as long as the lowest denomination is two hundred and fifty, this means that it cannot go down And the prices are even lower! This is an economic problem that needed a simple political decision, which is the tendency to print denominations less than two hundred and fifty dinars, for example, a hundred dinars denomination, and a fifty dinars denomination currency, as part of a first step.

And it can be enforced by the government, for example entering museums, stadiums, halls, and government transportation fees become less than two hundred and fifty dinars, so that the use of the lowest currencies becomes possible.

• Impact on transportation fares

If the category is printed as one hundred dinars, for example, and the fare for government transportation in (government buses) becomes only one hundred dinars, in support of students, workers, the poor, and employees, then the citizen will feel that his state cares about him and is looking for solutions to his problems. This feeling is important to spread among the people, and in these measures an investigation Some justice is absent, and the solution to the suffering of more limited-income people is higher transportation fares, and every period transportation prices jump, and if there were less categories than the two hundred and fifty, the height jumps would be less, so we ask the decision-makers to study the matter carefully and work in two parts.. namely:

The first: reducing transportation costs.

Second: relying on a local currency of a lower denomination.

• Impact on food prices

The printing of small currency denominations contributes to reducing food prices, as prices are now confined to a certain price because the lowest existing denomination is (250 dinars), but if it crumbles and prints less denominations, for example (100 dinars) and (50 dinars), then there may be a decrease For food prices, for example, the price of a kilo of potatoes does not jump directly from (750 dinars) to (1000 dinars) according to the current situation. Rather, it can rise to (800 dinars or 850 dinars) due to the availability of currencies of multiple small denominations. This is an important aspect that benefits society, especially those with limited income. And the poor.

Therefore, the decision makers who are looking for a solution to the economic crises should hasten to find a solution that is beneficial to large segments of the people.

• finally:

The issue is very important to create a different economic reality for the oppressed groups, and it requires intense care of the idea by the responsible authorities.

We hope that economists and elites will raise their voice in the direction of this idea, and form pressure through invitations and writings, which will contribute to solving the economic problems of society.