Movement Allawi warns of “civil war” in Kirkuk

10/03/2012 14:58

Kirkuk, March 10 / March (Rn) – warned the National Accord Movement, led by Ayad Allawi, said on Saturday the outbreak of civil war in the province of Kirkuk, which it called to obey those who try to internationalize the issue of Article 140 and make it a spark of the war, calling at the same time to rely on the dialogue and the Constitution in order to resolve the issue the disputed areas. explained Mazen Abdul Jabbar Abu Galal, an official movement in Kirkuk to Kurdistan News Agency (Rn) that “those who try to pass the Article 140 at the expense of peaceful coexistence in the city is the most important and radical,” noting that “Article 140 unconstitutional and must be resolved through dialogue and understanding, not violence. “and added that “there are attempts to extremist elements pushing for aggravating things Kirkuk by exploiting the issue of constitutional article 140 and we emphasize repeatedly that everything should be resolved through reference to the Constitution and the dialogue and the laws in force and the existing consensus among all parties political. ” continued Abu Galal, a representative of the Iraqi Kirkuk, said: “It is true that there are differences probably up to big differences regarding the interpretation of Article 140 or the validity and force, but must be taken things in view of the interests of the country.” and pointed out that “Article 140 does not can be a spark for the civil war in Kirkuk because what connects the components in the city’s largest and highest of the distinction between them and talking about the discrimination and internal fighting in Kirkuk, this imagination and dream for the parties to the extreme. ” Article 140 of the constitution to resolve the issue of the disputed areas between Baghdad Erbil and exposed to the demographic change at the hands of the former Iraqi regime, most notably parts of the provinces of Nineveh and Salahuddin in addition to the province of Kirkuk, and be in three stages: normalization, and then conduct a census, followed by a referendum among the population on the fate of those areas.and was the former Iraqi regime, which dropped in 2003 at the hands of international forces led by America, has conducted demographic changes in areas of mixed national in favor of Arabs at the expense of the Kurds in the province of Kirkuk and parts of the provinces of Nineveh and Diyala, Salah al-Din.stresses the Kurds and their side Parties Turkoman and some Arabs on the need to apply the constitutional article to resolve the dispute over the province but the parties Turkoman and other Arab refuse the application and says that the article has expired with the end of the period specified for their implementation. and was vice president of the provincial council in Kirkuk, 255 km north of Baghdad, Rebwar Talabani has said previously (Rn) that if someone rejects the application of Article 140 The Iraqi people is the only one who has the right to refuse or application of this article and not entities and political blocs.of Abdullah al-Amiri, the Open: MM