Iraq is negotiating with the Czech Republic to buy a fighter squadron

On: Friday 3/9/2012 8:23

 Baghdad / range 
announced that the Czech Republic, Thursday, that Iraq is interested in buying aircraft L-159 fighter, which are manufactured, and revealed that the round of negotiations on this issue will take place in the Iraqi capital, after two weeks, pointing out that they are able to deliver these aircraft to Iraq immediately after the signing of the contract.

Prime Minister Petr Nachass in a press conference after a meeting of the Council, that “the Iraqi Ministry of Defense is still interested in buying military aircraft attack L-159 Czech-made,” noting that “other countries are competing with Iraq to sign a similar contract.” For his part, the detection and Czech Defense Minister Alexander Vondra, who briefed the Cabinet on developments in talks with Iraq in this regard, that “a second round of talks to complete the deal aircraft will take place in the Iraqi capital Baghdad in two weeks.”

A number of officials Czechs that their country was able to hand over Iraq L-159 aircraft immediately after signing the contract, as opposed to another type of aircraft which takes years to be manufactured, while considered that this move could pave the way for similar steps in strengthening cooperation between the two military air. The Iraqi Defense Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi, and the agency conducted a first round of talks with his Czech counterpart on the purchase of aircraft during his recent visit to Prague in January 2012 and confirmed Iraq was followed by interest in the contract of purchase of aircraft. L-159 and the Czech Republic was announced in 2011 its intention to sell 36 aircraft of the type of offensive military ALCA L-159 and a number of modern helicopters, while the defense minister said that Iraq is a Czech one of the most prominent countries in talks to buy them. He visited the President of the Czech government of Baghdad in May 2011, a month after the visit of the Iraqi Foreign Minister, the Czech capital Prague. 
being Aero Fodukhoda Czech negotiations with the Iraqi side on the contract about a year ago, and compete with British Hawk British and Korean companies in cooperation with Lockheed Martin manufactured the U.S. . 
and the Czech Republic, which participated in the coalition forces in the recent war in Iraq that killed Saddam’s regime, an embassy in Baghdad, as well as some companies interested in the restoration and maintenance of monuments and other oil facilities in various parts of Iraq, particularly Kurdistan