A seminar on Iraq’s accession to the WTO

On: Saturday 03/10/2012 8:20

 Baghdad / follow-up long- 
 held Department of Foreign Economic Relations, Ministry of Commerce educational seminar at the Ministry of Communications to identify and raise awareness about Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO).   
An official source at the ministry, the lecturers gave a detailed explanation to ensure the emergence of the World Trade Organization, principles, and the overall objective of their expansion and liberalization of trade and increase production and optimize the use of global resources and ensure that developing countries

Especially the least developed on a large share of growth in international trade as well as focusing on the nature of the relationship between Iraq and the organization and discuss the required files of Iraq’s own accession process, and the mechanism of settlement of international disputes under the WTO. The source added that accession will open up markets to 153 countries a permanent member of the organization and encourage increased exports to those Member States, leading to an influx of capital into Iraq as well as the exported goods to Iraq treated as national products, as well as to achieve accession to stimulate Iraqi products to compete with goods countries other and increase foreign investment helps to increase hard currency within the country