Falh: Iraq is willing to pay financial compensation to Saudi Arabia for oil pipeline

On: Friday 03/09/2012 12:26

Baghdad (news) .. According to a member State of Law Coalition MP / National Alliance / Ali Falh that the sources of oil pipeline by Saudi Arabia could be resolved even if it is through financial demands. 
said Falh (of the Agency news) Friday: The issue of confiscation of the pipeline oil need to be a joint dialogue between the two countries because it can not be the subject through the one-sided. 
He Falh: If the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia any financial claims on Iraq can be resolved in accordance with a new mechanism, pointing out that Iraq is still aspiring to extinguish all of Iraq’s debt on the grounds that the phase caused by the over. 
The Government Saudi Arabia recently confirmed its unilateral decision, the confiscation of the Iraqi pipeline passing through its territory, which has agreed to create it during the Iran-Iraq war, to diversify its export outlets Iraq for its oil to world markets, after exposure of the Iraqi oil tankers and foreign threat from the Iranian side, which is in the waters of Persian Gulf or near the loading docks of the FAO or deep-water port at Khor al-Amaya. 
and implemented company of Japan’s Mitsubishi F – T – The Hungarian draft tube Iraqi Saudi Arabia, which completed its first phase in November 1985 a length of 640 km, Qatar 48 knots, while completed the second phase in the early September 1989 a length of 950 km, Qatar 56 knots from the meeting point with the tube Saudi Arabia on the southern border of Iraq with Saudi Arabia, on his way to the Red Sea card College of 1.0006 million bpd, up from 500 thousand barrels. 
At the end of the eighties has become Iraq has the power export through a pipe is 7 million barrels a day, but could not invest more than 40 percent of this energy, note that the energy export fields in the south alone reached 3.2 million barrels a day. 
On September 19, 1989, sailed the first tanker loaded with Iraqi oil out of the tube Iraqi Saudi , after the completion of phases at a total cost Qderhamiliran and $ 200 million. / Finished / 3. n. r