Report: Iran’s relationship to al Qaeda similar to the accusations that led to the invasion of Iraq

20/02/2012 12:47

US force in Kirkuk

Report: Iran’s relationship to al Qaeda remember accusations like that led to the invasion of Iraq,   Beirut, February 20 (AKnews) – Old site “Atlantic Wire” U.S. political report dealt with the relationship with Iran to al Qaeda, reminding accusations like that and sent to Iraq and led to the US-led invasion in , 2003.   The center said the U.S. “The threat posed by Iran to U.S. national security is the same threat that surrounded Iraq when the invasion in 2003.”   He explained that the processing of Iran’s nuclear program increases the risk of military intervention in, and most importantly that Iran is today on the relation organize “Al Qaeda” found in Iraq. He pointed out that in the political circles of Foreign Affairs, emerged as the link between Iran and al-Qaeda following the publication of an article revealed the detention of a number of its members in Iran, despite hating the organization of the Shiite sect, adding that what unites the “base” with Tehran is Lhma of the United States. ”   The report also pointed to “the report published by The Wall Street Journal, for fear the United States from the link that brings Iran to al Qaeda, particularly in Iraq.”   The report quotes U.S. officials as saying that “Iran has provided after financial aid to terrorist organizations including al Qaeda, especially for those who visits then under house arrest, and they have been threatened if they decided to leave Iran has found some of them in this country a safe haven for them. ”   The report states that “belief in the existence of weapons of mass destruction, and fear of the relationship between Iran to al Qaeda were reasons enough for the invasion of Iraq in 2003. ” The report also pointed out that “the media are not the only revelation of the concern of this relationship,” where the Web site quoted Hillary Mann Leverett, a former assistant at the National Security Council in each of the administrations of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, warning of nexus that combines al-Qaeda and Iran.    of: Khalil Khalil, RN peace Baghdadi