20 countries complete their preparations for participation in the Baghdad International Fair

The company confirmed General Exhibitions and Trade Services of the Ministry of Commerce post 20 countries so far in the 39th session of the Baghdad International Fair, scheduled to begin on the first of November next.

A source in the company today, “were confirmed participation of 17 countries official in the Baghdad International Fair, while not completed the formalities of the three countries / Russia, China, Syria / remaining to post the 39th session of the exhibition.”

The source said “there are efforts made to post the largest number of countries in this session because of the importance of the support of the Iraqi economy,” he said, adding “hopefully post some 25 to 30 countries in the Baghdad International Fair for this year. “

The events of the session 38 started last year with the participation of 17 countries are Syria, Iran, Jordan, Turkey and the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and the United States, Japan, Sweden and Serbia and Italy, Belarus, Bosnia, Korea, Spain and India in addition to Iraq, in addition to 443 Arab companies and foreign countries.

Iraq assesses annual events for the Baghdad International Fair which was the beginning of the Baghdad International Fair in 1956 when held industrial and agricultural exhibition, which was supervised by the Provincial Brigade of Baghdad.

The first session was held for the exhibition in 1964 and this is the real beginning of the Baghdad International Fair, and participation was modest, involving only five Arab countries.

The sessions continued on an annual basis and took characterized as ” somewhat “and the expansion of the size of the halls and increased the importance of the exhibition on the local and international level because it represents a civilized interface, media, and economic Iraq.

He joined the Baghdad International Fair to the International Federation of Trade ( UFI) and based in Paris to gain international character during the eighth session and became a member of “the basis” to the decision taken at the meeting of the Union held in Malta in October 1971.