Nuri al-Maliki .. Involvement in the coup on «Baath» fled from the gallows Saddam

Short History of Makili, I found it very interesting.

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BAGHDAD – Babinaoz (Reuters) – The reader of the history of Iraq, old and new, he realizes that really military coups accounted for the phenomenon in the formation stages of this history, and political circumstances made it necessary to be the fate of the Iraqis under the leadership and the power of the commander of the coup, the beginning of the takeover of Iraq at the hands of the oldest clans Commissioner known as «Acadians» before more than 4360 years, and the end of Nouri al-Maliki, who heads the Government of Iraq now. The hidden history the story of an attempt Nuri al-Maliki’s coup against the Baath Party after the overthrow of the empire of Saddam Hussein, and it is history itself immersed in the narrative of coups on the Prince of the Kingdom of Iraq and the establishment of republican government at the hands of Abd al-Karim Qasim, who’s just only five years until it was a coup against his rule, and execution shot dead in front of the people by his partner in the revolution Abdul Salam Arif, and after that managed his brother Abdul-Rahman Aref of the judgment was eliminated two years removed from Baghdad at the hands of the Baath Party.
Some, however, believes that Maliki’s plan military coup in the Baath did not work, he found himself When we are away from the gallows Saddam to Iran and Syria.
During my stay in Iraq last week questioned, sources close to Maliki and Tgosait incident his escape from Iraq, and stood on the ruins of his house, the old town Touirij in the province of Karbala. 
established in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the principle of opposition and revolutions and coups, he comes from a family have sold long in this regard, the famous grandfather poet Mohammad Hassan Abu advantages and shot to fame in the Iraqi revolution against British occupation, when he was appointed a deputy of Karbala in the Revolution, and continued to support two years since 1919, that he was arrested by British troops in 1920 AD and imprisonment in Touirij (Indian) even was relieved the rebels and released at the start of accession of Faisal Sharif king of Iraq, as the first king in the era of the monarchy.
Maliki partisan
Started Nuri al-Maliki, a new chapter in his life, withannouncement orientations and joining the Islamic Dawa Party in 1970, and began waging a struggle with the Baath Party, led by the then Saddam Hussein, and was arrested and chased more than once, to be subject to a warrant strict execution in 1979, he decided to escape of Iraq through the nearest port, border, walks toward Syria.
Hour between life and death
One hour was a comma between the life of al-Maliki and his death, as it tells the «Okaz» One of those close to him and named Ammar al-Maliki story of escape and the details of escape from death, where it was not in front of Nuri choice but to escape; to either Iran or Syria, he chose Syria for social relations with which out there, He left through the port border official. 
An hour later, was circulated the name of «Nuri Kamal al-Maliki» to all ports and air travel ban and arrest, and directed to Baghdad to be executed, Fordt benefit from the port that went through that «Nuri left Iraq before the hour ».
Life between Iran and Syria
Stayed Maliki in Syria for three years until the year 1982, and then moved to live in Iran, after years returned to Syria again, where he oversaw the issuance of the newspaper «position», which was issued from the capital, Damascus, and became a member of the Dawa leadership, and responsible for the organizations within Throughout his time outside Iraq, and was following the party formations and events, migrants remained in Syria until the fall of the regime of Saddam Hussein, the year 2003.
Back to Iraq
After 24 years of displacement and movement between Syria and Iran, al-Maliki returned to Iraq, once he saw the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime, was held several conferences to oppose the Baath Party, featuring the views of interventions and tried to gain influence through politically and intellectually.
The attack on the power
Began the first steps of entry Nuri to power appointed alternate member of the Governing Council which was formed under the supervision of U.S., are entered to gain access to the post of Vice-President of the Interim National Council, contributing in the establishment of United Iraqi Alliance bloc, and was appointed spokesperson, until it was Trahah to head the Commission on Security and Defense in the National Assembly, and to participate in the committee drafting Iraq’s constitution. 
then elected to form the first elected Iraqi government in the month of May (May) 2006.
«Okaz» in Touirij
In the two rounds in parts of Iraq, I asked Ammar al-Maliki to stop me on the town of Nuri, and his home which he left to escape the gallows Saddam, We entered the town, 75 kilometers from Baghdad, and the weather was rainy, exclaimed her children when Shahdona carrying a camera «Honey Image» which are picked up us a picture, but between me and them Shatt long, I asked his name, said Ammar «the Shatt al-Hindi, which is a branch of the Euphrates River». 
and when we got home-Maliki, who distinguishes mediate Palm Varah length, he told me Ammar story of his arrest and his death sentence and his escape, but only to explain that b «a bloody Saddam», and said that Nouri al-flight cost our family a lot, it has drained the lives of 65 because of a martyr.
I asked him about the origin of her name, said name Touirij mainly Indian, and the name is English Touirij «two way reach» of any two paths lead to it, and these two ways of Karbala and Hilla, and both ways Msavthma one of 25 kilometers. 

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