Serious negotiations between Maliki and Iran to extradite a third term as prime minister

06/03/2012 m – 9:55 PM 

Informed sources said the Shatt al-Arab News Agency said Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s being these days of intense negotiations and dialogues with the Iranian side in preparation to take over as prime minister for a third term.

And these sources have confirmed that this face of the reservation request from the Iranian side, but the insistence Maliki is increasing day after another.The sources added that there are two further options put forward, one of al-Maliki and the other from the Iranian side, the first: receipt of Hassan Sinead, or Walid al-Hilli the reins… of the Council of Ministers for the next period and they are the closest in the Dawa Party, the ruling to the trends of al-Maliki, especially Walid al-Hilli, which seems more closer to him.

Second, Iran’s acceptance of the offer and is to adopt Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari as prime minister for the next stage and has made al-Maliki to accept that two conditions be shown with great reservation and they are: First: the survival of the security file in his hand. Second, give some powers of the prime minister to him to arrange a mutually agreed.

And this deepens the gap between the leaders of the Dawa Party, one day after the other, where the Prime Minister singles out faithfully the party more and more, making the traditional leaders of the party is entirely satisfied with what is going on.

And these sources have confirmed that Ali al-Adeeb a leading figure in the Dawa Party seeking the founding of a new trend within the party preserves the historical heritage of the party, which was destroyed by al-Maliki and his entourage perceptions of their jobs, according to writer and his group.

And added that al-Maliki seems these days and according to sources from within his office to intensify plans of marginalizing the arch-Jaafari within the coalition in order to weaken his position and to block his candidacy for prime minister by the Iranians, and to convince them his support or support of those close to him for the position sensor and main for him, in order to preserve his power and his influence in the political process.