“News”: Kuwait is not a hand out of Iraq from Chapter VII

Monday 03/05/2012 11:12

ASHA – The Kuwaiti media sources informedAA that Kuwait is not a hand out or into Iraq  Chapter VII, but the decision is up to the United Nations, pointing out that the implementation of its obligations towards Iraq fully to Kuwait will automatically exit from Chapter VII.

The sources told the “news” of Kuwait, that th discussions Maliki with Kuwaiti officials during a visit beginning on 14 March will focus on bilateral relations as well as the outstanding issues between the two countries, especially the one port of Mubarak the Great, who confirmed “that he is and will remain and work takes place now and will not stop.” .

Iraq has been under since 1990 to the seventh item in the Charter of the United Nations under the decision of the Security Council of the United Nations over the invasion of the former Iraqi regime of Kuwait at that year, Iraq remains under Tailth because of the survival of some outstanding issues between the two countries such as the remains of prisoners and missing Kuwaitis in Iraq and the Kuwaiti archives and compensation of oil, burning oil wells in addition to the freezing of financial assets in Iraq, international banks to pay compensation to those affected by the sweep.

The Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh confirmed that the visit of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to Kuwait will be the middle of this March, and considered that the opportunities for cooperation between the two countries is strong, Iraq is still owed about $ 25 billion, of which 24 billion for Kuwait, and consists debt of Kuwait, on Iraq losses suffered by the oil sector in Kuwait, in addition to losses suffered by government ministries and buildings during the invasion of Iraq, Baghdad says that Iraq still subject to Chapter VII, “restricts the country and affect its independence.”

On the other hand, denied the Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior Assistant Undersecretary for the security of the Kuwaiti border, Major General Sheikh Mohammed Yousuf as reported by local media and external on the launch of a patrol of the General Directorate of Coast Guard fire on an Iraqi fishing boat, and the arrest of its crew, and the reservation to the boat, pointing out that the incident took place yesterday morning .

The Al Yousuf to that show that the fishing boat Iraqi, carrying 11 sailors, was informed his commander that he committed the offense entering the territorial waters of Kuwait, pointing out that the forces of the Coast Guard dealt respectfully with the Iraqi sailors, Venqlthm with their boat to a sites overall management of the Coast Guard to take action legal, adding that the leaders of “Coast Guard” notified the Iraqi side of the accident and provided him with the names of Iraqi sailors, and agreed with them on their boat turned over when the fourth afternoon in one of the points in the marine waters