Sadr: Allawi told an international conference of the political crisis in Iraq

06/03/2012 13:34

Jawad HasnawiKarbala, March 6 (AKnews) – The leader of the Liberal bloc of parliamentary Tuesday, told the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi, the possibility of convening an international conference to resolve the political crisis of Iraq, as the crisis in the political situation, and confusion to the Arab summit. A member of the National Alliance, Jawad al-Hasnawi told Kurdistan News (Rn) announced today that “the Iraqi issue should be the talk Iraqis, and should not get into the limbs to non-Iraqi because it Stazm the political situation of the country more.”  He said, “I think that the Arab summit in Baghdad must be for all the political blocs and Iraqi political leaders and it must work to make it work without any interference, because… the returns that it’s not the interests of any political bloc. ” The Hasnawi that “the statements by some leaders of the Iraqi List, is a successful and unjustified, especially those related to international intervention in Iraqi affairs, and this invitation we consider in Sadrists blatant. ” He says .. He called the Iraqi List, that calls for Iraqi conference in which the dialogue Iraqi pure, and this issue unanimously by all the political blocs. ” It should be noted that the Iraqi leader Ayad Allawi, he had made ​​press statements on Monday from the Turkish capital of Istanbul, he threatened to hold an international conference to resolve the political crisis with the participation of Turkey. From: Digger Hassoun, the Open: the fulfillment Zangana