Iraq is a committee to prepare the outstanding issues with Kuwait ahead of a visit to the owners

06/03/2012 16:34

MalikiErbil, March 6 / March (Rn) – The Iraqi government said on Tuesday that the Council of Ministers decided to form a ministerial committee to prepare the outstanding issues between them and its southern neighbor Kuwait, and to be considered by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki with the Kuwaiti side next week. and Maliki visits Kuwait 14 of this month to discuss several pending issues between the two countries and the possibility of finding solutions to them, especially Gulf War reparations second land and sea borders and the issue of the port of Mubarak, which created a kind of political tension between Baghdad and Kuwait during the past months. But the visit comes after showing countries in the recent support for the resolution of differences between the two countries, which date back to the nineties the last century, after Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990. and Kuwait announced its willingness to turn the page past and start a new page of its foreign relations with Iraq on the basis of mutual respect which the positions of Hatrha when Iraq is through the declaration of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh in statement received by the agency, Kurdistan News (Rn) a copy of it, that “the Council of Ministers decided to form a ministerial committee to discuss the outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait.” and added that “the Commission will prepare all the primitives required to enable the government delegation which will visit Kuwait, under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister on March 14 this, to negotiate with the Kuwaiti side to find solutions that preserve the interests of Iraq and its people and end the problems encountered in the development of a positive relationship between the two countries and two peoples and an end to the problems inherited. ” and refuses to Kuwait out of Iraq from Chapter VII of the UN Security Council until the fulfillment of its obligations owed ​​with respect to three files is the issue of missing Kuwaitis and archives, as well as the issue of border demarcation between the two countries. It is possible to affect the negotiations the two sides during Maliki’s visit to the decision taken by the UN Security Council in June on the possibility of coming out of Iraq from Chapter VII. Open: Abdullah Sabri