Allawi: Maliki acting like “Saddam Hussein” and must be toppled?

Allawi: Maliki acting like “Saddam Hussein” and must be toppled?

Palm – said former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said today the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, acting like “Saddam Hussein” of trying to silence the opposition and that it risked provoking a new battle against democracy and called for him to find an alternative by the Parliament.

He said Allawi, who heads the Iraqi bloc that confessions television used by al-Maliki to demand the arrest of Sunni Vice President of the country made up calling for international efforts to prevent the Prime Minister of provoking sectarian conflict again, and that caused the deaths of tens of thousands in the years following the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003.

He fabricated confessions come up with something scary and this reminds me personally as he was doing, where Saddam Hussein was accused of political opponents as terrorists and conspirators.

He said Allawi, a Shiite, but it got great support from disaffected Sunnis: We fear the return of authoritarian rule in a dictatorship, this .. It is the latest in a range of atrocities accumulated, arrests and intimidation committed on a large scale.

He accused Allawi during his presidency of the government over the ten months under the American occupation in 2004 and 2005 to adopt approaches authoritarian and led later the Iraqi bloc to take in the first place in the parliamentary elections last year, but ended up joining a coalition led by al-Maliki, who retained under the chairmanship of the Government.

Allawi said he would seek now in Parliament to topple Maliki and said we must take action to achieve stability in the country by trying to find a replacement for the owners through parliament, said bypass Maliki all the red lines and facing Iraq now and the situation very, very serious and very difficult, adding follow the events that unfold target the very heart of democracy and stability. . The Americans withdrew without completing the task that should have been Andzoha .. Warned them that we do not have an inclusive political process for all Iraqis, not a full state structure in Iraq.

He says we want to resolve differences among Iraqis peacefully and we want to achieve stability and should fill the void Iraqis rather than any other.

He said former Prime Minister began the rise of sectarianism already .. Note the beginning and the effects of what is happening in the region would only add fuel to the fire .. I am afraid that the Iraqi people to lose confidence in the political process and the prevailing sectarianism .. Iraq could move towards a very large conflict unless the international community intervenes and fills the region and not the voice of reason.