Movement Allawi: Baghdad summit will be held for hours with limited success and Iraqi

05/03/2012 17:08

Iyad Allawi ‭ ‬Kirkuk, March 5 / March (Rn) – The Iraqi National Accord Movement, led by Iyad Allawi said on Monday that the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad will be limited hours, noting that the coalition in Iraq with the success of the summit and should be resolved differences to participate in a unified position. Prime Jalal Talabani sent five ministers to the Arab countries last week to deliver a formal invitation to the leaders and the leaders of Arab countries to attend the summit of Baghdad. and demanded that Iraq more than once to resolve political differences in Iraq before the Arab summit in Baghdad on 29 March, March. But Talabani patron reconciliation conference between the blocks left today to America for treatment which is likely to defer the holding of the upcoming conference between Iraqi political blocs to a later time after the Summit of Heads and the kings of the Arabs. said Mazin Abdul Jabbar, representative of the movement in Kirkuk to the Kurdistan News Agency (Rn) that “the question of convening the Arab summit conference in Baghdad, something very positive and indicates the status of Iraq in the Arab, there must be a suitable platform for such a conference, I mean political ground and a strong security of the host country. ” He said, “we hope that there will be development of a security self-sustaining and that do not get violations, but the Arab summit will be held in the very limited and specific time perhaps for a few hours, I think that the security aspect will not be a problem basic to the convening of this summit. ” He pointed out that “We must focus on an important issue which we need Iraqis to get into the top position of a national coherent, uniform and on the floor of a strong and this will make us truly influential in the Arab Summit and thus be an Arab summit successful. “He concluded by saying “we are in Iraq we would have preferred, but we demand that the conference will be the national or the national meeting before the Arab summit because getting to the Arab summit put political healthy and coherent will be one of the key factors for success and, yes, is the probably would consider issues concerning the Arab spring, but the ground is very important to the host country must be no political stability and security. ” Iraq says he had not yet received any apology or refusal of any Arab country to participate in the Summit. She said that all States will participate except for Syria, which suspended the League of Arab participation in the meetings of the university on the back of the suppression of protest movement continued in Syria a year ago. The summit comes amid continued tension conditions in the Arab region and the preoccupation of several Arab countries, their situation of the Interior, as well as differences between various States on the conditions ongoing. From: Abdullah al-Amiri. Open: Abdullah Sabri