Haaretz: It’s time to hit like Libya, Syria

Posted       04/03/2012 08:18 AM

BAGHDAD – Babinaoz (Reuters) – The newspaper “Haaretz,” Israel in its weekly article enthusiastic writer, “Bernard-Henri Levy,” calling for military intervention in Syria on the first anniversary of the international intervention in Libya in March, otherwise it will be this day a symbol of the failure of the international community to the citizens of Syria, as he put it.The author said that on March 19 saved the Air Force, French, British, American and Western Benghazi from destruction, and if no concerted effort by the international community in this day again may emit the smell of failure to achieve goals. He started: “There is now a city other conditions are much worse than Benghazi, where there are tanks in the city of Homs in the population of unarmed civilians. ” said Levy, in light of the ongoing massacres, and in light of the continuing neglect for 8,000 victims dropped tanks Bashar al-Assad, and in light of the absurd extreme to a popular referendum, which was conducted under sniper fire and shells, as he put it, it’s time to act rationally and the wisdom to say, “Enough.” and went on: “It is time to break the international community’s silence after he voted overwhelmingly (173 votes in the General Assembly of the United Nations on 16 February) to condemn the killer lion, do not unreasonable to give in all these countries and become a hostage silent in the hands of two Mariqtin (China and Russia).and gave the Israeli writer some solutions and ways for international intervention in Syria as follows: 1 – can the international forces to establish security zones fall under the responsibility of a peace-Arab along the borders of Jordan, Turkey, and perhaps in Lebanon as well. 2 – Bmekdarham the identification of areas closed under the auspices of Army Syria free with arming its forces with weapons of defense. 3 – able to give the army of Syria free of weapons necessary to destroy artillery batteries developed by the Army lion near schools and hospitals. 4 – they can identify areas of air are prohibited in front of aircraft-Assad. 5 – able to defend those areas help of the Turkish army, who chose a long time camp anti-lion. as indicated by the need to ask Egypt to close the Suez Canal to Iranian ships similar to those of unloaded last week in the Russian base in Tartus.